For it is based with the decor, it is preferable that the wallpaper border to act as a complement to the decor rather than being the focus. Thus, it must be in harmony with all, without creating a contrast, even if the border is the inspiration for the concept. How to choose? The choice of wallpaper border must be from colors, fabrics, patterns, textures of the decor to create a layout and give the room a decorative element, entertaining, elegant or for giving detail, terrain. Find the right height.

1. At a / 3 of the wall: Height particularly interesting for a child’s bedroom or an office (since it works in a sitting position). The border, posed in the first third, is accessible to sight, especially children. This height is suitable for large borders and / or grounds . Beware of pieces composed of large pieces of furniture that would hide the edge!


2. Half Wall: Accessible from view, this is, again, a recommended height for borders large (or medium), patterned. This height is not recommended for very small pieces because the band could create the illusion of “bridging” the walls and thus shrink the room even more.

3. ¾ of the wall: Placed at ¾ of the wall, edge should not be too narrow, unless it is backed with a chair rail . Why? Because the chair rail gives the character a reason to be. Thus, the border is not “lost” in the open wall.

4. Top of the wall and ceiling A border placed at the top of the wall, or even the ceiling, to accentuate the effect of a headliner. Since at that height the reasons are not very visible, it is best to head for the more traditional reasons (twists, vines, etc.). Bulk.

The border may be placed alone or with a chair rail. The chair rail, creating a demarcation wall, accentuates the importance of the border. Insert an edge between two chair rails further increasing its impact. Caution: if you choose not to put a chair rail, it is vital that the link “wall and edge” is smooth. To create this link, you can, for example, play the tone on tone. careful also not to “encircle” the piece by marking a contrasting band too, unless that is the desired effect. Ideas original. We can also cut out some reasons for the wallpaper border and stick them on a dresser, a cupboard, doors. As you imagine! Finally, it has the option of framing bits of borders to highlight one of his reasons (an animal, a flower). This provides a reminder of the band around the room. team Decorate your life.