If you are thinking of decorating, the children’s room understand the walls as a blank canvas, which you can fill with color and fantasy. You have a great variety of designs to add in the bedrooms. With them, you will fill your son’s room with joy. Below we show you a selection of original children’s posters to set the children’s bedroom. They re-impose the pictures with illustrations to give a casual and original touch to the rooms of children. You can use them framed, hanging from a hanger or a vintage object or forming a banner.

children's room

World map to dream

In addition to decorating, children’s posters may have other functions. This example will enchant the children and at the same time will serve to learn the continents and countries playing. On the wall of your room you will be able to look for the exotic places that you know of stories and adventure books.

Review the alphabet

Although nothing new, decorating children’s rooms with children’s posters with the alphabet or with letters is a trend. In this sheet colored letters and drawings of animals will help your child to know the alphabet and the name of the animals in this example in English. It is a custom to put their names on the wall in the children’s room. An original idea is to make yourself great lyrics with pictures of the comics you like. This technique is the decoupage very easy and quick to perform consists of lining an object with scraps of paper glued.

To do this, draw and cut the letters a DM panel. You can also use pen board or balsa wood that are easily cut with a cutter. Distribute on them a fine and homogeneous layer of glue, without putting too much so that the paper does not puff. Paste comic book clippings with your favorite heroes over the letters and let them dry.

Animals and nature captivate children. Having a wall with a mural or vinyl will open a fascinating window, to a magical world full of nature, animals and forests that will captivate the imagination of the child. Children’s posters as well as decorative posters can serve to encourage creativity and serve as fun. You can find decorative sheets with silhouettes profiled, ready to color. The child will spend some fun moments painting the stars and stars he will identify and will be proud of his work.

The world of pirates is always present in children’s imagination and is a perfect motif for children’s posters. Images that evoke the adventures and trips of the pirates by the sea decorating your room will make you dream awake. Another possibility to decorate with children’s posters is to form flags, which serve for some additional task. In these examples, we have one formed by cartons lined with different papers of gifts united by a red ribbon. If you cover the cardboard with a plastic material, you can use erasers and change the messages.

The company Deco happy has a novel and practical way to decorate with children’s vinyl posters. They incorporate the possibility of taking off and re-gluing them without damaging the wall or on the poster. You can change the composition at any time and have a new decoration.

Vinyl is a perfect material for making children’s decorative posters. In addition to being easy to place, with them you can make a large mural, which occupies a whole wall. You can find them with all kinds of motifs and sizes and can be placed on all types of surfaces. Another advantage is that they can be personalized by incorporating photos and drawings.