The garage is one of the most punished spaces in the house it is constantly used and, in addition, the traffic of the cars spoils it enormously. So it is uncommon soon offer a damaged appearance. If you want to keep it in perfect condition you will have to give it a hand of paint from time to time. Today we tell you how you can paint the floor of the garage and make it look perfect.

garage floor

At first, it may seem like a complicated job. However, if you think about it and you take the trouble to study how it is done before you get to work you will notice that paint the garage floor is within your means. So that you do not have any doubt today we show you the way to do it step by step. You will see how difficult it is.

Paint the floor of the garage to leave it as new

The garage is one of those spaces in the house that, when you least expect them, it becomes a messy drawer. In a place where the entire household junk that does not fit in any other room ends. So it should spend some time to sort toss and classify all things we keep in the garage, plus our car.

However, if the garage floor looks damaged and dirty, it will not do us any good to have invested many hours in picking and sorting. Everything will look worse, older and more spoiled. If you want, your garage is clean and tidy have to keep the floor in good condition. It is an indispensable condition.

Paint the garage floor is a great way to renew it completely. Of course, you’ll have to choose a special paint as they do not serve anyone. In spite of this, it is a simple task and, if you do it yourself, you will be economical. Special paints for garage floors protect from moisture and prevent mold or mildew. They are also easy to clean and do not require too much maintenance. When you go to choose the paint to the garage, there are two types that can be used: an acrylic latex paint or epoxy type paint. The first is cheaper but less resistant. In addition, it is more adherent on concrete and cement surfaces.

The first step: thoroughly clean and prepare the soil

The first thing you have to do is prepare the soil properly to give a good coat of special paint. Do not waste time on this step, because it depends on it that the result is the best. So, get to work and set a goal to leave the floor of your garage as spick. To begin with, remove with some specific solvent any stain of paint or some other chemical that the floor may have. Then you can polish it, if you have the possibility of getting a polishing machine. If you cannot, apply a degreaser and rubbed with a stiff brush. Rinse with the hose better with a high-pressure washer, capable of removing dirt.

Fills concrete cracks

Now is the time to repair any cracks that have the floor of your garage. If they are small, you can do it by filling them with a suitable product but if they are too large, you will have to fill with concrete. This takes time do not believe it since you have to respect drying times and so on. When you already have all smooth surfaces, it is time to apply a good primer to get the paint to adhere properly to the pavement form. Apply with a brush on the lower edge of the walls inwards and then with the help of a roller.