Tired of living in substandard flats? Looking to build something special and entirely yours? It doesn’t have to be daunting task as long as you plan things carefully. Whether you’re carving out your own place in suburbia or looking to flee the city and live free in the outback, here are seven things that deserve your full attention before you start drawing up blueprints for your own home.

1: Location

What do you want to see when you look out your windows? How far away are the banks, grocery stores and service stations? Consider things like property values, too, both now and in the future. Don’t build your dream home on a eroding coastline or in a neighborhood experiencing economic decline.


2: Size

The bigger the house, the bigger the bill, but it’s worth the investment if you know you’ll eventually need a nursery or an extended set of home offices. Remember to factor in building materials and labor costs per foot.

3: Layout

Let’s say you’ve decided on six-bedroom home. How will they be positioned? Do you prefer everything stacked on multiple floors or placed side-by-side in a sprawling ranch style? What’s your bathroom-to-bedroom ratio?

4: Insulation

Australian weather can be as beastly as the creatures that rifle through your garbage in the middle of the night. When building your home, make sure the contractors and construction crews are insulating well enough to keep you protected from cold winters and blazing summers.

5: Lighting

All those wires need to be carefully guarded within your walls. You can’t skimp on them, however, because you should always plan on having more electrical outlets than you think you’ll need. Going back in and making room for more is much more expensive than designing too many and just having a few spares.

6: Piping

Taps and toilets will be the most costly parts of building your own home. They’re a necessity, so you can’t cut corners, and their interwoven construction means there isn’t a lot of wiggle room when it comes to placement. Don’t be afraid to ask the experts for advice when planning your kitchen or bathroom.

7: Budget

Budget is the bottom line for many potential homeowners. Thankfully, you don’t have to be rich to finance a new living space, not if you take advantage of things like home loans and government grants. Contact housing professionals roof installations and repairs company like roofing Chandler AZ for your all types of  homes roof solutions.