Nothing more intrusive than the gaze of curious zieutant in our garden while we take a sunbath, we made a dip in the spa or that enjoys life to the teeth in good company! To cut short the indiscretion of the neighborhood, the solution lies in the lattice. Far from being a luxury, these faithful allies are pretty screens that will preserve the privacy to which you aspire both.

Sheltered home in style

In elegant simplicity, this lattice consists of three vertical sections of varying heights displayed a lot of style. Both privacy screen for the owners and security fence on the patio, this lovely wall is positioned directly on the dividing line of a twin city. Openwork backdrop, it also serves as a foil for potted plants and other decorative accessories. The Georgian-style caps, which ornament the ends of columns classic sign the invoice of the work.


A screen in the patio area

In the suburbs, the neighbors are at hand. And when the dining area is perched on a raised patio, privacy takes a hit. That’s why adding a screen is beneficial to change the viewing angle of a neighbor or hide an aspect of the surrounding landscape uninteresting. Here, two screens arranged in a corner partly camouflage the buildings in the neighborhood. Constructed within the balustrade, the bottom section is covered with boards that make it opaque. Lattices of various widths and heights adorn the top section. Umbrella all, a triangular pergola offers shade comforting.

Screen for multiple purposes

These lattice structures of wood provide a peaceful oasis in this pleasant and comfortable feeling of isolation. Carefully arranged and multifunctional, they perfectly complement the natural screening provided by mature plants in place. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower, they hold the gaze of neighbors at a distance, while protecting the area for storage, waste containers or other large objects around the patio. In addition, charming planters are suspended gracefully.

Precious intimacy in the night

The occupants have capitalized on a soft composition to maintain a semblance of privacy in their small backyard located near a patio nearby. In addition to offering some protection against the winds, it allows them to enjoy the outdoor life in peace. Positioned to illuminate the ground and the structure, low voltage lighting give an entirely different look at the layout in the evening. They invite and share delicious dinners under the stars and stretch the pleasures of summer until the wee hours.