Whether you suffer from an injury or are simply becoming more advanced in age at some point you will likely start to realize that going up and down stairs is more of a challenge than it used to be. There is a reason that athletes do stairs as exercise, because the up and down motion is a great way to burn fat and build muscle. However, doing them on a daily basis when your body is worn down or injured can be a great way to hurt yourself. Therefore, if you have reached this point it may be time to think about installing a stair lift in your home.

A stair lift can help restore a great deal of mobility to you that otherwise might have been turning your home into a prison. The most popular type of home is at least two storey’s, but once you are injured or older the extra floor can start to work against you. Some people stop going up the stairs unless absolutely necessary and find themselves changing their entire routines or going without comforts just because they do not want to tackle the stairs. There is no reason to live in fear of a fall or pain however, because a stair lift can make it easy to once again go up and down your home stairs with ease.


Leg problems and knee problems are two popular reasons why people end up getting stair lifts, but advanced age is right up there on the list. Falls become very dangerous as people age, and the stairs present a definite danger, especially if you find that your sense of balance is not as good as it used to be. With a stair lift you don’t have to worry about balance or strain because the lift does all of the work for you.

Stair lifts can be designed to fit on just about any set of stairs although the price may vary based on the type of staircase that you have in your home. They can be created for use on curved or spiraled stairs as well as for straight stairs. If there is a landing and a change of direction in the middle of two sets of stairs then you may consider installing two stairlifts, one for each level so that you don’t have to worry about any further customization. The bottom line is regardless of your situation you can find a stair lift that will work. You can find out more at www.amazonstairlifts.co.uk about the different types of stairlifts as you consider what will work for your home.

Finally, if you are on the fence about installing a stairlift remember that they have a few additional benefits as well. For instance, they will help you preserve your motor function and relieve stress that otherwise would be placed on your body. Also, they can be used to transport other things up and down the stairs as well such as luggage, laundry, groceries and more making it easier to get things around your home on a daily basis.