With the spring season coming, it’s possible that you’re considering a home renovation. Usually a change in season is one of the things that prompts people to take a serious look at their home and consider what about it needs an update or a change. Basements are a part of the home that’s usually given a lot of consideration – as the summer approaches, who wouldn’t want a finished basement to use as a cool rec room, extra storage space for all that winter gear you no longer need upstairs, or even a bit of extra space to use as a guest room for visiting friends? However, in the early stages of considering a renovation, there is a crucial question to consider: do you want to use a contractor, or will you try to do the renovation yourself?


There’s a possibility, if you consider yourself a DIY or handy-person type, that you might be considering tackling this new basement renovation on your own, but before you start going out and buying tools, you should consider the relative advantages of hiring a professional contractor from a reputable service like Onecallbasements.ca to do the work for you instead. Doing the work yourself might seem like a cheaper proposition at first, one that allows you to have more control over the work being done, but in reality it’s usually the opposite – you find that what you want outstrips the actual skills you have, and some repairs or renovations you attempt will inevitably fail, leading you to have to hire a contractor to fix your mistakes anyway.

Hiring a contractor means you’ll have an experienced professional with the right know-how and previous experience to get your basement right the first time around. They’ll be able to deal with any problems or unexpected situations that might come up, and they’ll have the resources to help you achieve your vision for your basement as exactly as possible – whether you’re looking to create a spare room, a storage space, or an extension of the upstairs part of your home as a place to hang out and play.

Hiring a contractor is the most effective way to get your basement to look exactly the way you want the first time around – but there are still a few precautions that are necessary for you to take in order to ensure you get the best quality for your money. Look for a contractor with a proven track record of client and customer satisfaction, who can provide multiple references and before/after photos from satisfied clients. Contractors who do top-notch work will be proud to show it off; anyone else is not worth your time. Basement finishing can be tricky work, and you don’t want just anyone tinkering around in your home.

This is another reason why hiring a professional contractor you know you can trust is usually the best option for your basement renovation – the fact that you can be sure your renovation will be done professionally and up to any building codes that might apply. You yourself might cut corners without even knowing you’re doing it or intending to if you attempt the renovation on your own; an unlicensed or less scrupulous contractor might give you some trouble as your renovation progresses. With a professional, experienced contractor, you don’t have to worry about safety, building codes, or standards and practices – you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands and that they’ve taken care of everything that needs doing.

Renovations can be complicated – but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from doing them, or cut corners when it comes to making plans for your home. Look up contractors in your area, find someone who’s close to your home and committed to using local materials (this is another way to say they have a strong sense of investment in their community), and seek out any references or recommendations – soon, you’ll see how simple a high-quality basement can be, thanks to the services of an experienced contractor.