The doors that are the easiest to open do not have hinges. They instead slide on tracks. Such doors are really popular in rooms that have patios or decks since full length glass panels will visually open the room to the exterior while offering a really easy access. When referring to completely interior sliding doors, they are quite often utilized for pantries and closets. You can even use one to conceal furnaces and water heaters.

Just as with every other door type, maintenance is very important. You do not want to often have to spend money on sliding door repair since it can tend to cost more on the long run than with regular indoor doors. The following tips can help you to increase the lifetime of any sliding door based on often met problems.

Sliding Doors

Checking Door Sliding Mechanism

The idea is to have the doors slide horizontally. However, many are big and end up not opening. This is especially common with the patio sliding doors. As time passes you can end up faced with problems as you try to open the sliding door and it valiantly resists.

In most situations the problem is debris that appears on the lower track. It is easy to get this part of the door affected by leaves or dirt, especially when the door connects a room with the outdoors. The solution is really simple. Every single time that you are vacuuming the floors, use the small brush attachment to clean the tracks of the sliding doors. Lubricant can be applied to lower and upper tracks in order to maintain door hardware always freely operating and clean.

If the sliding door has a lock that you often use, make sure that you also lubricate it. In order to do this, you will have to disassemble the door lock. There are many aerosol lubricants that you can buy at local hardware stores so that you can coat lock moving parts.

If the door bottom rollers are rubbing against tracks or the top rollers wear down, you will need to rearrange the door. It is quite common to have to lower a sliding door so that it properly rubs on tracks. Many of the modern sliding doors include the adjusting screw, normally located at one of the ends in the bottom area. You can turn the screw in order to lower or raise rollers. All you have to do is turn the screw and see how the door reacts.

Sliding Closet Door Maintenance

It will be a little more difficult to lubricate and clean sliding closet door hardware as you need to use a hand vacuum, a toothbrush or a stiff brush for that. Aerosol lubricates door rollers. When you see that rollers are damaged, you will need to install replacement rollers.

If the closet sliding door does not hang level, an uneven gap will be left between door frame and door. In this situation, you will have to use the adjustable mounting screw. It is located on the top of the door, towards the inside. Screwdrivers can be utilized.