When going on vacation, there are still some things to think about: turn off the water, turn off electrical appliances, check the safety of openings etc … and do not leave home without installing smoke detectors.

Why a smoke detector is important

The autonomous sensor smoke in the right place in the house is important when you be at home but not during your absences. It will detect a fire starting but will be of no real use if you can not hear the warning sound.
For a smoke detector to alert you when you are not there, it must be connected to an alarm system that alerts you immediately. A simple voice call on your mobile and you can react. Phone during a vacation or a long absence, so you have the ability to be alerted and will make it simple to contact the persons authorized to enter your home (neighbors or friends ) and prevent backup if necessary.


Smoke Detectors

For the reasons, it is mandatory to fit smoke detectors. These sensors have several advantages: first, they can alert a fire. This is the case of fires due to negligence, such as forgetting a smoldering cigarette or forgetting a food to be cooked on the fire. Through the detector, you are warned of the danger quickly and you avoid the fire to dangerous proportions. Moreover, the smoke detector can save your life in case of fire proved. Indeed, some detectors deal notify you by phone. These detectors are essential today to ensure reliable protection against fire.

The lights from outside

In some cases, fires have their source outside the house. This is especially true when the weather is hot and dry. To protect the best damage caused by this type of fire, it is important to keep a clean and clear garden. It is recommended to remove the trees within 50 meters of your home, do not let weeds and clear brush your property. These precautions will fight effectively against the risk of fire outside.