Whether you have a vacation home you rent out during off seasons or you have several investment properties that you rent, protecting your investment should always be your main goal. Though this might mean investing a bit more into your property, when you consider the costs of having to pay for the damage that could be caused by a break-in or some other unforeseen event, it just makes sense.

There are many facets to ensuring that your rental properties are secure. This could mean anything from making sure you’ve gotten everything up to code to preventing the cause of a fire or injury of a tenant to investing in upgraded windows, locks, or doors. Not only does investing in home security provide peace of mind for you, but it will also give your tenant the comfort in knowing they’re in a safe and decent environment.


Below are just a few of the reasons you should really consider investing in home security for your rental property:

  1. Reduces Homeowner Liabilities

Since the rental property is your investment anything that happens to the property is essentially your responsibility. Whether the property is damaged due to a tenant’s inability to effectively report the need for repairs, the damages resulting from a break-in, or the costs of a environmental disaster such as a fire caused by faulty electrical wiring, the person responsible for taking care of the issue would be you as the homeowner.

Though you have homeowner’s insurance there are still associated costs that you may not be compensated for. Sure if it’s the fault of the tenant, you could take them to court to cover the damages, but who knows how long that would take (or how successful it would be). This is why ensuring that your rental property is secure is of the utmost importance. By investing in something as affordable as a basic home security system, fire detectors, or enhanced security locks you’re taking some of the liability away from yourself.

  1. Rental Properties Have Higher Burglary Statistics

According to a report from the US Department of Justice, rental properties are much more likely to be burglarized. Therefore, being proactive and installing various security features on your rental property would certainly be to your advantage. Window guards on the windows and securing the premises (if you own an apartment building) with cameras is a great way to protect your tenants and your investment.

  1. Builds Better Landlord/Tenant Relationship

A healthy tenant/landlord relationship goes both ways. By providing your tenant with a safe and decent living environment they will appreciate you a lot more and try their best to carry out their responsibilities as a tenant accordingly.

  1. It’s Your Property

Keep in mind that even though you don’t physically live on the premises the rental property is still yours. At the end of the day, protecting your asset is what it’s all about. Burglaries, property damage, and other damaging circumstances depreciate the value of your property, costs you more to invest, and can consume a lot of your time and resources to restore. So why not be proactive and consider securing your rental unit(s) accordingly.

Finding the Right Security Features

There are a host of things that you can do to properly to ensure that the security of your rental property. Working with a security company to find out where your property’s weaknesses may lie is a great place to start. Once you determine where your issues are, you can begin making the necessary changes to your rental property to make it more secure. Sometimes, the best all around solution would be to invest in a home security system that would secure everything from the front door to the windows in the unit.

Look for various features and prices by checking out home security sites, where you’ll find information on Lafayette ADT security innovations. While this page is specifically for those living in Lafayette, Louisiana, you can also find features for other qualifying cities and states on this site. You might find that just for a minimal monthly fee you can put both yours and your tenant’s minds at ease.

Sometimes investing further into your rental property just makes sense. After all, the whole purpose of investing in rental properties to begin with is with the hopes of making some form of profit from it. If your rental property is secure, it does not provide a safe haven for tenants and can also cause a heaping amount of financial trouble for you down the line. So take the time now to determine which ways you can keep your investment safe.