Whether hyper modern or supported by technology: the time-tested tips, tricks and advice for the home are always current and noteworthy.

The rapid advances in technological development makes life more hectic. It is rushed from meeting to meeting, and everything has to work easily and instantly. However, the latest state of the art also has its advantages. Who is searching for useful advice about home cleaning, simply reach for their smartphone or computer.

Questions about the budget appear constantly. What are the options, easily, quickly and above all environmentally friendly way to do the housework? Nobody wants to be that stay longer than necessary. The advertising offers today constantly new and better cleaner to the promise that does the housework almost by itself. Unfortunately, these agents are often the purest chemical bombs and also completely unnecessary. Forums and websites on the Internet reveal how it works with natural home cleaning additives as well.


Household Tips – environmentally friendly and yet effective

Many tips from yesteryear are still very popular because they are environmentally friendly and completely safe for the user. Most people are likely ingredients for natural cleaning products be familiar. The most popular are lemon, vinegar and salt. These products are less expensive than traditional cleaning products at the drugstore, often have a better effect and are usually available in every household.

Who does not know this situation: not given one night and already there is no longer the red wine in the glass, but on the bright and outrageously expensive carpet. Salt here is the right tool for the initial treatment, but use it sparingly and cover the stain generously. The salt removes the carpet the color red because it absorbs the liquid. Then suck the engorged salt and sprinkle the floor again. Repeat this process until the red wine stain is no longer visible. In this case, the salt may also affect several hours or overnight. This method is more effective with the addition of lemon juice.

Window cleaning – easily and guarantees streak-free

The website is in addition to the tips for removing various stains also useful information for easy and streak-free cleaning of windows. Window cleaning is a necessary evil for many. It is cleaned and mopped, bought the latest and most expensive cleaning agents and the result is again only streaks and stripes. The whole thing goes much easier, especially cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Give a dash of vinegar or lemon juice and a drop of detergent into the water and alcohol, free cloth with simple slices of the dirt and then wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth and even the sun can reflect in a streak-free window. For heavily soiled windows, a discarded ladies tights is superb – this takes even the smallest dirt particles.