Sometimes it can happen that a sofa is still comfortable, in good condition, but present some stain permanent or scratch your cat. If you do not like the idea of spending several firm to replace it, but you’re tired of the usual cover with cotton cloth, a cheaper solution, but there is very original. Read this guide and you will see how you will be able to play a leather sofa in a rather unusual and at the same also quite stylish.

Take the measurements of the seats and the back (and if not fixed, possibly the armrests) of your sofa, then according to them, go to a store and buy a leather cutting of soft leather of the same color as the sofa. should be sufficient to achieve the big square that you will use to clothe the front and make the lining of two arms, but only if they are not fixed to the couch, in which case you can also detach them and then use them loose. Depending on the size of the squares, take also synthetic padding cm high. 0.5.


In haberdashery, equip yourself with a roll of adhesive celery and strong thread in the same color and the hardware , buy a staple gun for fabrics and leathers. now, on a work surface, roll out the skin from the inside out with sharp scissors, cut the square shapes (of course you can also choose to cut rectangular, always according to the shape of the sofa). Allow a few extra inches on each side for the ‘ hem. Slice also squares with the ‘padding , but about an inch on each side in less than those of the skin, with some pin from the inside out. now with a ruler and colored chalk, draw vertical lines and horizontal equidistant (between one and the other left about ten centimeters), to create the stitching, which then go to run with the sewing machine.

Proceed as follows for all square, then, with the celery adhesive, affix the edge inside, using (obviously from the wrong side) the iron warm. Now place the square on the couch fixing them well with pins and making sure that they are well ahead, then with the staple gun, sew the seats and back, both with side seams that with central stitching to make them firmly. If you intend to cover the arms, take their precise measurements and form bags with leather, but without entering the padding (also calculated here a couple of extra inches for seams and for the border, you close crescendo machine strips of Velcro.) Now the original finish of your sofa is finished: will certainly have changed in appearance!.