Owning your own home is the dream of many French. Obviously, there is more rent to pay, and we are free to develop its housing as we see fit. This is not without rules and renovation costs that can accumulate. The windows must one day or other, to be replaced with an old house. And for new construction, we must choose which windows install. In all cases, it is the PVC windows that are very successful.

The windows have evolved over time

There are a few centuries, the windows do not close, they were a small opening in a wall. Specifically, we looked at the windows and use a completely different role than today. Now they are used to naturally ventilate and illuminate a room, and communicate. Window and use the same therefore largely evolved over the centuries. The forms have changed, but also the materials we use. It may be noted before, they were small in size with small rectangular or round-oval recesses. The flaps did not exist, instead, is sometimes seen a metal grate. The wooden frames have multiplied, insulation and security need ideas gradually closing parts. Today, 60% of homes are equipped with special insulation PVC windows. And shutters, PVC are also widespread.


Unbeatable quality of pvc window

In recent decades, the PVC has become the reference material for cheap windows. Its advantages have allowed him to be the most common material. Nothing is perfect, and there is no exception, but it remains a quality choice.
Sure, the quality and durability of the first price is not high, it is to be expected. It is therefore necessary to provide a reasonable result but for windows and shutters PVC budget. The longevity of PVC windows is also their strength. Resistance pvc ultraviolet explains this advantage, there is also something for the anti-mold treatment he receives. From simple maintenance, cleaned with water and a sponge. In addition, time and weather do not have this biasing effect, and the color is vivid. And finally, this is an excellent insulator both thermal and acoustic insulation.

So it seems that the PVC is what makes better now for all those who want to install cheap windows. It is a worthy replacement for wood but can be a gap, especially for large sizes. But viable alternatives exist for sliding doors.
A minor annoyance may appear to some as the pvc swells static electricity attracting dust and dirt. So he approaches perfection without hitting but still an excellent choice.