Many people who read in bed. Unfortunately, when you enjoy reading in bed, we are left mostly with books stacked on the floor or any which way on our bedside table. To address the problem of scattered books, simply to use the storage that suits the purpose. It does not create a separate reading area in the room, but rather a convenient storage space for books and aesthetics that are at hand. However, such storage must be well integrated to the decor, because the latter adjoining the bed, one with the most important place in the room. It will therefore be inclined to look in that direction, hence the importance of preserving this area in order.

Several options are available to us: Storage basket bedside table open, that is to say, high on legs and vacuum underneath. You can easily drag a decorative basket inside, be it open or closes. If books are not so beautiful, you tend to choose the basket closed. A well thought out library A library or a high shelf on the wall beside the bed is also a wise choice. We think to release, at the height of the bed of a library’s shelves or shelves to be used as a bedside table, and place all of the daily necessaries: dial, glasses, tissues, lamp.


Regarding the library, we will think of discrete drill holes in order to pass the son of the lamp, and if we take the shelves, we prefer those who have no background. decorative shelves is appreciated decorative shelves that are mounted on the wall above the nightstand as well, the books will be deposited easily achievable even when you’re lying in bed. Another option: wall shelves with small doors. They are selected windows or solid. This type of shelving that has just set over the bedside table can stack all our books without worrying about the mess. Here! Simple, effective, decorative and goodbye clutter!