The decor of an office is in many ways different from that of a house. The organization is not based on taste and personal satisfaction, should be welcoming and attractive but it is in relation to people who work with you or to taste managers and customers who will come into your office. The furniture also depends on the product you’re trying to suggest, or if you are at the service of citizens, the sector in which you are employed. Functionality and aesthetic impact are therefore the main features of your workplace; the guide aims to provide useful advice on how to combine the two features.

Colors choosing is an important factor for decorating of an office. Avoid those that can make, in the long run, nervous etc.. Use pastel colors and soothing, blue and green are the most suitable. Even neutral colors (like white) can be functional to your purpose, whatever work you are engaged in, but try to compensate for the coldness with special color on. Always a function of a welcoming and calming, modulated lighting so that it is soft and diffused, without blind spots that can depress the long run, both employees and customers. Then use ergonomic chairs, glass table and comfortable, maintain the same position for hours can cause nervous disorders and physical.


But it is also very important that the buyer, or the citizen who is asking for help, is placed in a position more comfortable. And advisable that the desktop is positioned near the window, so that the light shine directly on it and do not let your eyes get tired unnecessarily (a device even more important if you work all day in front of the computer). To avoid creating unwanted reflections, and big enough to be able to put any screen at a proper distance and to have a sense of depth and spatial relaxing. If you want to know brief information about different types of office furniture you could choose  boardroom table.