Often we do not think, but retrieving objects and transform them can certainly make our courses more attractive, and at little cost. As the season of garage sales is initiated, it is time to dare invade them and make discoveries. We must imagine our findings with other colors or other uses. Here are some ideas that can be easily reproduced for home or cottage.

Transform with paint

Anything can change and withstand rain through the magic of paint and varnish. It is sprayed or applied with a brush, paint the exterior makeover in no time any metal objects, plastic, wood, terracotta.Finally, almost all subjects. Sometimes we like the object, but its color is a bit boring again. If this is the case, one should dare to color. The effect of color instantly energizes and heightens the object in question. For example, an old metal bed sprayed exterior paint can turn into a bed in no time of day or outdoors comfortable seating for lounging in the sun. In the lining of colorful cushions, it instantly adds an exotic touch to the terrace.


An old mailbox

In the same vein, we could also retrieve old mailboxes, spray red paint and use it as a flower pot. Imagine the wall of the shed, a group of several of these boxes and topped with colorful flowers drooping! Wooden boxes could also make beautiful flower boxes or herbs, just apply a varnish to protect them from weather.


Nothing better than to recycle cans to create lanterns, candle holders and flower pots. Simply remove labels and wash well. If you are comfortable with a drill, we can also make a few holes to collect through the flames. Grouped and matched in several formats, you fairy lanterns when night will fall. To make flower pots, cans can also be grouped together and screwed to a wall or placed on a beautiful tray.

Old boots and old shoes!

An old pair of boots or shoes could also turn into container plant and thereby make a funny decoration to the garden.

The wicker baskets

Recover wicker baskets and wooden and garnish with fresh herbs! An inexpensive idea which will be useful throughout the summer. A nice idea for a gift too! Divert the main use of an object is really interesting, not to mention the economic aspect of the original that it brings. In this vein, one could use a large bowl or pot down with a large opening, the fill type pillar candles (not exceeding the rim of the pot), and now a home to be beautiful around the pool or on the terrace! A large pot can, in turn, be transformed into a fountain or water garden.

An old scale

An old ladder leaning against the delivery or the shed will be handy to dry the towels used to swimming in a lake or pool. You can also use a towel rack up and out of the shed as needed for towels.

Even the windows!

Even old windows or frames and painted colorful wall decor can be used to beautify the exterior walls of sheds, home or shed.