When undertaking works to reform the lighting of the house is easy to make mistakes that are easy to avoid through proper design.

Design the lighting of a home is not just a matter of covering the bulbs. You need to have control over the various types of lighting and fixtures, the impact they can have on people depending on the type of light emitted, the inconveniences that may result depending on the location they have. The reforms to avoid light bulbs per meter line. Place the lights at a distance of one meter is a common mistake in designing the lighting of the house, often encouraged by lighting stores.

This solution is often applied in the long corridors , excessive lighting and getting cold. These spaces should light as any other room in the house. You must apply the concept of the triple lighting: general, environmental and timely. The lighting can be very interesting point by highlighting pictures hanging on the walls or libraries. If reform does not include changing the design of lighting, and lights are already installed, you can improve the lighting by directing them to the walls.


Do not put single switches in local housing

Not always want the same type of lighting in a given space of the house. Therefore it is interesting to put different switches differential zones. In each area you can mix different sources of power and opening balance for the different forms of lighting . Home automation, which will continue to gain implementation in flats and apartments, used to adjust the intensity of illumination, which helps to create different sensations in local housing.

Avoid, in the design of lighting, the lights above the couch

To illuminate the area of the sofas in the lounge , the spotlights in the ceiling are the most suitable option. They can produce glare and unwanted reflections to those who sit on the couch. It is best not to put lights on the ceiling but light through floor lamps, combined with point lights for a more decorative lighting.

Knowing the types of lighting to avoid errors

Not all bulbs are halogen. The bulbs are a type of lamp that can carry all kinds of bulbs. These can be halogen, which produce intense white light, incandescent, emitting a warm glow and are inexpensive, fluorescent, which provide a cool blue light, low-power, which are a type of fluorescent light emitted but warmer and low power consumption.

More is not better light bulbs

A dimly lit home can be sad and dull, but too much lighting can create a theatrical little warm for a house. Ideally, ambient lighting combined with spot lights according to the activity to be performed such as a reading nook or desk space. In the receivers should avoid halogen. Whether to amend the lighting in the hall, just replace the halogen bulb with one that has spread lenses that create a uniform light. Thus the halogen lamp but will still be so aggressive.

In these cases, as in the corridors, it should direct the spotlight on the walls, to avoid sharp contrasts of light and shadow. Here are some patterns of errors that are usually taken at the time to reform the lighting in a home. The optimal solution will surely be a design done by a lighting technician, who knows best results, feelings and energy consumption.