There, in the population, a certain enthusiasm for kitchen counters. You must realize that it is not so complicated to change them or at least to refresh. Today I offer you four options. You can choose one that suits you according to your tastes and your budget: paint your desk, put a new cover, change it completely or apply ceramics.

Paint counter top

Regardless of the laminate that covers our counter, you can repaint it at little cost. To succeed, you must proceed in stages. Sand, Sand the counter to remove its gloss. You can repaint the counter even if it is smooth.

Repair: If a piece of your counter top is burned or broken, you can simply cut out that part of counter top and replace it with a butcher board (available at most home centers). You can also repair the damaged section by cutting the counter around the bump, by removing what is raised and repairing the hole with plaster of Paris. When everything is dry, you sand again.


Clean: Clean the surface with the TSP degreaser Replace. If a piece of the contour of your desk is torn, remove the tape broken and replace it with a tape made ​​especially for this effect found in hardware stores or just in a kitchen cabinet manufacturer. If you can not find the exact size, you can get a piece of laminate, cut the desired size and glue it to the contact cement. If it’s a small part that is broken, you might as well do the repair with plaster, as described in the previous step.

Finishes: Then apply the oil primer. Some oil finishes dry in about an hour. For cutting, take a brush to the counter top, a roll. Be careful not to apply too thickly to avoid scratches in the paint. Wait approximately 2-3 hours until the paint is dry. Standardize – Then use a very fine sandpaper to remove minor dirt particles or dust that could dry the paint. Wash carefully of course the counter to remove dust.

Paint: To paint, choose a floor paint (urethane 100% acrylic) and apply 3 coats, taking care to dry between each layer as if the paint is not dry enough, the top layer will adhere poorly to the surface. More color is dark, the more it takes time to dry. You can apply this technique for both the counter for the boxes and cabinet doors.

Ask a new laminate

If your counter top is molded or round, install a new counter top recovery is not a good option. By cons, for a counter right, this is an economical and practical solution. There are a variety of price and quality. Simply cut the right steps and apply contact cement on the counter and laminate, then ask your coating. If you follow the instructions on the bottle of glue, you’ll see, everything is very well explained.