Aberdeen is one of the most prosperous cities in the UK and the third most populated city in Scotland. Thanks to the North Sea oil industry, Aberdeen is known as an oil capital of Europe, which caused the city’s economy to boom beginning in the 1970s. Beautiful gardens along with its long sandy coastline are partly responsible for the city’s appeal, but its abundance of granite architecture makes the city centre unique. Aberdeen is one of the coldest cities in the UK, yet enjoys being one of the most liveable cities in the nation.

Though historical buildings around Union Street and Bond Street are in need of renovation, their silver sparkle caused byreflecting sunlight still captures awe from visiting tourists. However, as an Aberdeen homeowner, the building that provides you with the most comfort and serenity is your own home. Making sure your property remains comfortable means taking home maintenance seriously, a thing which is especially important during the colder times of year.

roof maintenance

Be Especially Diligent in Cold Climates

Aberdeen experiences mild temperatures most of the year, with coastal regions such as Banffand Cruden Bay being noticeably cooler. However, an Aberdeen winter can and has proven to be treacherous. Unfortunately, roofs in colder climates are often more susceptible to damage due to a number of reasons:

  • Snow or water can find its way into small cracks and cause serious damage as it freezes and expands
  • Large hailstones can cause cracks and loosen tiles or slates
  • In severe cases, heavy snow can cause structural problems if a large load puts too much pressure on a roof
  • Blocked drainage systems can lead to roof ponding, which in turn increases the risk of leaks, mould and even rotting or collapse

Aberdeen experiences some of the coldest winter temperatures. This means roofs have to provide heavy resistance to the elements, and they could be in danger of potentially major problems if maintenance has been neglected. If you want to make sure your home stays in top condition, it’s worth having a professional roof inspection.

Don’t Let Problems Exacerbate

Repairing heavily damaged roofs can be expensive, but the consequences of neglecting it further could result in a multitude of problems. Degraded or old roofs don’t provide optimum insulation when compared to most new roofs in good condition. If your heating system has to work harder to provide you with warmth, your bills will increase and you’ll be causing needless damage to the environment.

Neglected roof maintenance can also have hazardous knock-on effects to other areas of your home. Leaking roofs can cause water to run down wooden beams and supports, and subsequently down walls and into other rooms. If left alone, the damaging consequences can include mould growth, rot, and eventually severe structural damage.

Finding the Best Companies

Finding reputable slaters Aberdeen homeowners can trust is often not an easy task for a variety of reasons. If you’ve hardly ever used slaters, or it’s been years since you last did, you might not have a clue who the best companies are in your area. You’ll likely be tempted to search for companies using a search engine, but no matter how relevant the results are, they’re very unlikely to be ranked accurately in terms of quality of services.

One of the best places to find quality slaters is by searching on Thomson Local, the UK’s largest online business directory. Searching through Thomson Local ensures the majority – if not all – of the search results will be relevant, and it also provides the ability to:

  • View contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses on one page, without having to click through multiple links
  • Read customer reviews as well as overall rating for each business
  • Visit a company’s website via clearly displayed links
  • See where the company is located, both through their address and location on a map
  • Read company descriptions, services offered and years of experience

Reading the reviews is an absolute must. They’ll give you a good insight into a company’s customer service, expertise and product quality – information which could prove invaluable in helping you choose the best slaters in your specific area. Furthermore, with so much information about different companies on a single page, you’ll save yourself a lot of time compared to searching through multiple business websites.

Don’t Pay Too Much – Or Too Little!

Needless to say, you should always compare at least a few slaters Aberdeen has to offer before any money changes hands. Get as many free quotes as you can so you can gauge how much the cost should realistically be. While you might be tempted to rule out the most expensive quotes, it’s worth bearing in mind that a superior quality of service may be the reason for the high cost. Likewise, incredibly cheap prices should be enough to start some alarm bells ringing.

While a fair price is a concern, choosing a company with the proven expertise for extensive roof repairs will provide you with the most peace of mind. It’s worth enquiring about specific specialities, as some companies may be more adept to the specific repairs you need than others. Find about the specific process each company employs to ensure your roof receives a thorough inspection. Even if the technicalities are unfamiliar, good explanations will serve to showcase a company’s professional ability.

Despite the fact you may know very little about roofing or slating, you should still try to ask companies questions concerning the repairs they’ve recommended. If the company you choose is able to talk you through the needed repairs in detail, you’ll probably feel more comfortable handing over your hard-earned cash. Just make sure you take roof maintenance seriously, as the cost of neglecting it is almost always more expensive than taking care of it.