It often happens that our kids enjoy to attack chewing gum on the furniture of wood of their room or in our home, or happen to find them stuck under the tables. Whether at school or at home, it is a situation not very hygienic and very irritating.
Sometimes the tires are not found quickly, and perhaps remain untouched for years before someone finds out. This guide will help you remove this annoying problem without jeopardizing our furniture. Let’s see how to remove chewing gum from Wood.

how to remove chewing gum

There are several ways to eliminate those annoying stuck tires and all very efficient and using elements easy to find even at home: solvents for nails, ice , essential oils , other types of solvents, and even the peanut butter . Obviously it clear that our main goal is to clean without damaging the area that we are going to treat so we will proceed cautiously.

We begin by using the method of nail polish remover. We take a piece of cloth thin, we drop a few drops of nail polish and begin to gently rub the gum dry. Do not dip the cloth in acetone completely, otherwise it will be difficult to remove it.
Just have a little ‘patience and rub until the rubber will go away completely. After you remove all and will wash the area just treated.

Another effective method is to use and gentle essential oils, such as eucalyptus, or vegetable oils that are not as effective as those essential because without solvent power , but we will reach our goal if doing carefully. We drop a few drops directly on the rubber and some on a piece of cloth and begin to rub up to eliminate the last remaining rubber. After removing the whole wash carefully to completely eliminate the oil otherwise, given the high power absorbency of wood , ending the horrendous indelible stains ..

Another useful method is to use ice cubes placed in a salable plastic bag which will add a pinch of salt. shake a little ‘envelope and carefully, in a towel and let it rest for 10 minutes above rubber. After this time, just take a sheet of stiff paper and eliminate the rubber. This is definitely the most gentle and safe, but also the longest.

We see now the method of peanut butter. We proceed a good amount on the rubber, so as to cover it well and expect a few minutes. If we are lucky, the oil in the butter will penetrate into the rubber and raise until it disconnect.

But even if this method convinces us, we can use a can of compressed air. Of course, it is not easily available at home, but if we were to have one on hand, you might as well try it. You have to spray compressed air on chewing gum until this does not crumble, then we take a trowel or spatula and proceed to remove all the rubber. This is a very effective and that, surely, will not leave marks.

Never forget:

Be careful when using solvents of any kind, are toxic and absolutely keep away from eyes and mouth