What’s better than a delicious dinner by candlelight with your partner or your partner? If then the aphrodisiac dinner is seafood and champagne, made ​​with your own hands the result is assured. Nothing is better than this if the continuation is then presumably reprehensible! But it is not uncommon, however, that the emphasis in the evening and a few drinks too many, you forget, or even references to the day later, the washing of dishes, pots and cutlery. The fishy smell is soaked in the dishes is often so intense that it would take a miracle to remove it. This guide is a miracle for you, with a few simple precautions, you will eliminate all forms of bad smell on the dishes.

The fish most prized, the most expensive, while cooking or after leaving it for hours without cleaning, inevitably leaves a smell nauseating to say the least, the most effective method, to be counted among the grandma’s remedies, is to take all the cutlery, plates, forks, spoons used for cooking and after rinsing with cold water (do not use hot water, you will get exactly the opposite effect, heat fixed the smell), arrange them in a pan with a little water and mixed it all with dishwashing liquid, lemon juice and a cup of white vinegar.


Cover at least half of the pan, be careful though, as you will insert the dishes the water level will tend to increase, so do it right the accounts on the amount of water to be paid for not flooding the floor of the kitchen, vinegar and lemon half and a corrosive if not cleaned well, some delicate work surfaces can leave stains. Leave the dishes to soak for at least half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. The same mixture you can use it if you have the dishwasher and do not want to “get your hands dirty” with household chores. Enter a coffee cup and lemon juice in the pan enclosing the dishwasher, it is usually located at the bottom middle of the first trolley dishes. You fire up a standard washing (at least half an hour) and your dishes will be perfect.

If the smell of the fish remains, bitter and implacable, despite this procedure, in a large pot, fill the dishes, half a cup of white vinegar, coarse salt and squeeze half a lemon. Bring to a boil for ten minutes and turn off the burner, let it sit a few minutes (be careful not to burn), remove and rinse in cold water all over. There will be no trace no odor. Lemon juice can also use it to remove the smell of fish that persists on your hands. Maybe before leaving the kitchen and finish the night in other rooms!