If you have children in the home you will be quite lively and playful maybe that happened during their games have accidentally soiled the screen of the TV, perhaps with a ballpoint pen or worse with a fountain pen, and now you’re thinking what to do. If you are looking for tips to clean the screen without damaging it, you’re in the right place, in this guide you will find some tips on how to remove ink from LCD screens, which can be of great help. Let’s see how to proceed.

Of course, take care of the LCD screen , it really requires a lot of attention in order to avoid the surface scratches easily. It is true that there are many cleaners on the market suitable for the purpose, but the price can not properly be said to be affordable. But do not worry because I assure you that you can do it yourself, at home, safely and effectively, thus avoiding unnecessary purchases.


Before cleaning the LCD screen , it is advisable not to forget to unplug it or turn it off. Check verification and then where are the stained areas that will need to be cleaned. Now compound in a spray bottle a part of alcohol and one part distilled water . An important recommendation. Do not replace it with tap water, because it is full of calcium could leave troublesome spots when dry, and will not rectify the problem.

This also contains chemicals such as chloride, which can leave residue on the screen. Do not use rags and even paper napkins, which occur as soft to the touch, the LCD monitor can turn out to be abrasive. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and slightly with the solution that just now.

Once well moistened, passes on the ink very gently in a circular motion. Attention to the pressure, cleaning with microfiber cloth must be very delicate. Sometimes for ink stains is no need to repeat the procedure several times. Make sure that the LCD screen is completely dry before turning it on again. As you can see to solve the problem spots of ink and clean an LCD screen is not all that complicated, all you need is a few things and a little ‘patience, and be able to remove the stain you need without having to spend big bucks. So if you were to happen again, you’ll be prepared and you already know how to proceed.