The shower is a great comfort inside the house. Usually it has a cabin that can be formed from glass, smooth or machined. In any case, being always in contact with the water, with time it tends to form a patina of limestone. Let’s see how you can remove limescale from shower glass .

First, let’s start by saying that it would be appropriate to prevent the formation of limestone rather than fight you later. Each time you use the shower, it should be wiped with a cloth. In this way it would limit the formation of limestone, though, would continue to be formed in each case. After every shower, it should be sprayed on the walls of a compound created with white vinegar and water sweetened.

If now the scale is already present, you have to prepare a compound made ​​up of white vinegar and baking soda . They must be mixed together until a dough is formed. The latter must be coated on the glass with the help of a sponge . After wiping for a while ‘, you must leave for a few minutes. I waited about 15 minutes, you simply rinse and will be noted with great satisfaction the disappearance of limestone.


Another product that you can use, is a compound created by baking soda, lemon and tomato. Too has to be rubbed on the glass and should be done in a few minutes. Then just rinse it in order to achieve the excellent results.

Regardless of the method chosen, it would be ideal to use a squeegee during the rinsing process. With it will be possible to clean the entire surface and leave no residue on the entire glass of water. This would help eliminate the root one of the possible causes of the formation of limestone.

In the market, there are specific products that just having a par with those of natural origin, can help to overcome the presence of limestone. They can be used either directly on the glass after having used the shower that when you do the cleaning bath. Just sprinkle it on the box, wait for some time and then rinse. These are the steps to follow to keep the glass box in your shower clean and spotless . You can opt for natural remedies or products for which you can find on the market. Either way you will get a good result.