How do you keep the bathroom smells musty and stink pipes? What to do to eliminate unpleasant fishy smell in the kitchen? We give you all the tricks to eliminate household odors. How do you keep the bathroom smells musty and stink pipes? What to do to remove the smell of snuff cold and unpleasant smell of fish in the kitchen? Follow our top tips to eliminate all odors from the house.

With the vacuum cleaner

before vacuuming, add a few drops of scent of potpourri in the filter. You can also start with 3 or 4 hours suck fresh mint that perfumed the room.

In pipes

Avoid pouring grease down the sink: permeate the walls of the pipes and end up smelling bad. Instead, you can regularly pour a pot of water boiling and, once a month, a disinfectant in effluent lines and leave overnight.

Against snuff

To end snuff smells cold, pour three tablespoons of vinegar on a damp cloth and shake the room a few minutes. The vinegar neutralizes the smell of snuff. You can also prevent the smell of snuff placing wet sand mixed with herbs in the bottom of the ashtrays. This mixture will absorb odors. To avoid the carpets and rugs are imbued with the smell of snuff, sprinkle baking soda and wait a few minutes before vacuuming.


Against the smells of cooking

When cooking cauliflower, cabbage or broccoli adds walnuts, hazelnuts etc (in shell) in the cooking water. Absorb odors. To remove odors from cooking fish , add a slice of fresh ginger Where the fish in the oven, place on a foil with orange or lemon peels.

With an electric air freshener

electric air freshener Plug pleasantly perfuming the room.

With bulbs

Apply a few drops of essential oils on the bulbs before lighting: the heat will make the fragrance into the room to expand.

The oven

Spend a cloth soaked in lemon juice and hot water in a preheated oven clean.

For the microwave

If your microwave is impregnated with a disagreeable odor, place a cup of water diluted with lemon juice and let it warm for 30 seconds maximum. Leave the mixture inside the microwave oven for half an hour.

Against the smells of frying

For decrease smells of frying add a few drops of vanilla oil.


is the leading cause of odors in the bathroom. Often disinfected with bleach to prevent microscopic fungi which develop quickly. verification aeration system works well to prevent bacterial growth.
Interior furniture Boil milk and pour into a bowl and enter it in the cabinet. Lock the doors and drawers and let stand overnight. Place furniture in small containers of mustard or bath salts. Against the smells of paint when you go to paint a room with oil paint, pour a teaspoon of vanilla extract in the bowl to reduce the smell.

A cutting board in good

Rasia tables with a knife at least once a week. After the table rubbed with half a lemon to completely eliminate bad odors or wash it with water in which it was previously diluted sodium bicarbonate.

Eliminate odors from garbage

Empty and wash with bleach often the garbage. Add A handful of kitty litter for cats to prevent odors.

A spotless fridge

Clean the refrigerator once a month with bleach and clean the shelves of the refrigerator once a week. Do not forget the seals around the door. To mitigate the odors in a refrigerator, it can be washed only with hot water and vinegar. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with water. Finally you can enter a container with lemon juice to give a touch of freshness.

The musty smell

Enter a sugar cube in empty jars that remain closed for a long time: no musty smell. You can also pour inside hot water with lemon and marinate for several hours. effect “magical” Vinegar For odors disappear immediately, you only need to boil some white vinegar in a pan without a lid. The steam will neutralize odors automatically.