A dining room is a very important area, since in addition to its function as specified in the name is an environment in which you are receiving guests during the important occasions as well as business dinners or receptions. With the small improvements you can give new life and renew this room, in fact we can also modernization reducing clutter and make clear the view on the whole, the result is certainly very encouraging and welcoming. Let’s talk about How to renew the dining room.

the dining room

If the floor we have chosen is a parquet , replace the boards very worn and populism with specific products for wood periodically. This type of floor needs a lot of maintenance (but never too much!) And several precautions will help us to greatly increase the life of it. In fact we can buy some feet for chairs or the table that do not scratch the surface and try not to clean it too often, otherwise we will be the cause of the disaster; in alternative or substitute better we cover areas worn with a practical carpet from geometric designs or colors not too strong not to break too much with the surrounding environment.

We paint one of the walls with a color like green or red brick very clear, if we want to we can apply the drawings. The wall in question will recall for sure the eye and for this reason we will seek to improve it as much as possible, perhaps by hanging a modern painting or a series of vintage photographs one above the other, the issue is not important but must be all Black and white. You can also adopt the use of hanging shelves for a neat and mobile at the same time keep the kitchen tidy.

We buy a table and chairs very sober, if we opt for glass tables or wood without decorations not err. Alternatively we can choose the color that is well matched to the one we have chosen for the wall or the color itself. Finally we choose a modern chandelier , to be placed above the table, the color the structure will be chrome or nickel (preferably with some insert more and colors to match those of the main room ); the important thing is that it is modern, we try to avoid those old-style chandeliers. In fact, the worst thing is to use a lighting system that “face-to-barrel” with the style of the room (as it might make a chandelier candles Victorian style) .