The desire to renew the floor of our house may be due to several factors: we are tired of the old floor tiles and we want others less obsolete and out of fashion, we bought an apartment which finishes do not reflect our tastes, or we may be forced to replace the original floor due to the wear of time as the pedestrian traffic, the chips from falling heavy objects or small lesions attributable to the movement of furniture, for example. This guide will show you what moves to make.

First of all it is essential to decide the color of the tiles if the rooms are large and well-lit dark shades will be fine, otherwise we will opt for light colors. The next step will be to completely empty the room (or apartment if the renewal covers the whole house) and take measurements. At this point go to a dealer and choose the tiles that you like with their baseboards. Finally Now you are ready to remove the old floor.


With the chisel and hammer tap on the first tile vertically, even when the others will be deleted residues were removed glue . Finally, do not forget to level the screed . Now proceed to the installation of the new floor. First, prepare the glue in this way: pour a bucket of water in the amount of two thirds and glue specifically for this type of work in the proportion of 1/3 (the dough should not be too wet) and mix together with the help of a metal whisk attached to a normal drill.

Spread the glue on the surface you want to cover with a notched trowel and arrange the tiles immediately after (remember to check that the location is level). At this point positioned in the four corners of each tile spacers to cross, make sure you have pasted every good piece by tapping with a rubber mallet when necessary and cut each tile according to the shape of your floor. After coating the entire surface dedicate yourselves to the fixing of skirting you perform using the same glue used previously.