In house happens often to keep in the basement or attic, furniture old, we are sorry to throw, because I’ve gotten spoiled or have memories of loved ones. Although the weather has ruined their beauty, we can retrieve and insert them into the new decor, which will surely become the most original and warm. If, for example, an old cabinet, with commitment and patience we can renew and then use, we see how, by following a few tips.

We must ensure first of all the material, we can help to protect us from any scratches, stains or contact with harmful substances. The gloves are the first and main thing to wear when working. We have our cabinet in an environment isolated from the rest of the house, so you can work in peace, without fear of dirtying or fill the other rooms of odors and dust.

old cabinet

With the cotton suitable furniture polish, we clean the glass case and apply a substance wax remover. It is essential to remove all the wax from the cabinet earlier, before restructuring, to ensure that the products used do not resist for long. Also important is the rub with wool steel wood cabinet, following in his veins. After eliminating all the wax, possibly repeating the process until you will see no previous track, let it dry for an hour.

So let sanding with fine sandpaper, focusing on the hinges of the cabinet and then color them with primer brown. Then we color the cabinet, with the tone and color that we like, always on the tone of the wood to make it not too eccentric. You must have the precaution of color well if there are drawers and shelves international of the cabinet, to get a good result .

now Let it dry and then give a second coat of color, so that the cabinet is completely renewed. We remove the parts of color that appear to be excessive, with other sandpaper, coarse, being careful not to damage the job done. To facilitate the process, we can fold the sandpaper it and use only the sigolo.

Finally, with a damp cloth eliminate all traces of dust. Because the job done is protected, then stretch it to two layers of a substance protection for furniture opaque, leaving it to dry well the first coat before applying the next. Our “old” new cabinet is back and fully furnish any corner or will be very comfortable next to the other furniture in our house.