In the spring and good weather, a change in the terrace with low budget and big effects allow you to enjoy an outdoor space of their own.

Comes the spring and with it the desire to enjoy the outside of the house, seizing every moment sun and being outdoors. It’s time to look into that part of the home that remains invisible during the cold months and suddenly returns to the fore: the terrace . Far from costly changes, hours of masonry or headaches, the renewal of the terrace can be done at low cost with simple changes that depend more on the personal work of a financial outlay which is not time.

The floor of the terrace: wood and turf

No need to enter into contracts with builders, it is easy to renew the floor of the terrace with innovative materials. Thus, in a short time and at a reasonable price can completely change the face of this area of ​​the house. One of the materials used are the plates of wood . These plates do not require a change in soil and which are installed above the existing. The trend is to use the big wooden tables (there are up to one meter by one meter), arranged with certain geometric games. Sometimes it is necessary to go a specialist (sometimes the facility is included in price) since that wooden platform should be arranged with slope to allow water to drain from the timber and go into the sump. If the slope of the base slab is well done, can even be installed by yourself. It must be a wood specially treated for outdoor use and preferably IPE, a tropical wood very resistant.


Artificial turf to decorate the terrace

Another important trend is the use of artificial turf , durable and soft, more and better finished and more realistic result. Do not be afraid, is a durable lawn (and we talk about year warranty) of zero maintenance cost and personal time and with good drainage even in the wettest climates. See a green area where you are sitting is relaxing, becoming also a good option if you have children to work as a carpet insulation. If this change of soil is joined by a current painting on walls, renovation of the terrace will have an even greater impact. Although the current prevalence is white, looking for a minimalist style, terraces red or snuff different color range also continue to maintain a high profile.

Terrace furniture: beautiful and functional

For small to be the terrace, it is essential to find a practical and cozy furnishings that convey warmth. Beyond the perennial plastic furniture, it is best to choose a type of furniture that invites a leisurely lunch and a get-together. When the deck is very large, you can opt for folding furniture, tables and chairs that take up little. And it goes without a large outlay for it. There are outdoor games in iron and wood that are comfortable and lightweight. Also there are brightly colored, fun and happy, they get to create an atmosphere naive . If more space is available is easy to organize a corner chill out , as of today. Having it as easy as buying a foam base and make a lining in a light tone, spread thousand oriental cushions and candles everywhere, and already has a spot to relax and doze off in style.

Lighting of the terrace

Optimal lighting for outdoor use is the slight and indirect. Although one of the aspects that are often left to the last moment, the lighting can really get very beautiful effects when properly used. In fact, thanks to it we can create different environments in the same terrace, focusing on a component determined in the same or playing with intensity and tone. The use of LEDs is becoming more widespread. Although they are expensive, have a long and very good result for outdoors. With them offering a wide range of designs both small floor lamps and in the wall.

Vegetation: choice of plants and pots to decorate the terrace

And last but not least, the plants are those that manage to create an authentic spring outdoor environment. Large clay pots are still highly topical, combined with groups of smaller pots also something of clay, with the idea of ​​creating a more dynamic. As for plants , it is necessary to choose them according to the climate, the effect you want to achieve and the time is available for care. The ideal is to play with the basics of landscaping and socialize in different shades and sizes of pots plants so as to achieve an environment that does not depend on the nature of chance. One idea is to have upward vertical gardens , beautiful panels of all shades of green, becoming easier to acquire and maintain. In addition, renovate the terrace is easy and not necessarily expensive, so it can become a relaxing hobby and very grateful.