Want to change the look of your home without spending a fortune? Here are some ideas flights from which to take inspiration to renovate the house and make it more modern with a few simple tricks and cheap.In times of crisis, finding original solutions but at the same time economical to renew their home becomes a must. So here are some tips from which to take inspiration to give new life to your apartment without spending a fortune. For more ideas low cost take a look at our photo gallery.

The walls

Tired of the usual white? Changed color to the walls of the house! Be careful not to overdo it. To avoid shrinking circles, colored one side of the room, such as the one behind the sofa or behind the headboard of the bed. In this way you can also choose colors and modern colors like red or acid green. If you want to try to save improvise Balanchine and paint the walls of the house alone. If you like the new style that is very fashionable in recent years can also decorate a house wall with the Pietra, the cost is a bit ‘higher, but the novelty is guaranteed!



Have you ever noticed how few accessories can change the look of a room? A modern and original clothes will give new life at home, a big wall clock or a mantel design will renew the living area, a new set of bathroom accessories (strictly matching towels and tiles in the room) serve to rejuvenate a bathroom a bit dated.

The textile

Another low cost idea to renew the house is changing the textile and, as far as possible, pick them all in the same color together. According to the latest trends in design it must be a single color to act as a common thread in all the rooms of the house. Cushions and new carpet will make your stay more modern look, a new quilt can change the look of the bedroom, curtains and light colored will give a touch of originality to the kitchen.

The lights

Though often a piece of furniture that is neglected, the lights are critical in the furnishing of a house. Them in the right positions to illuminate the most of local, highlighting their strengths and making it look bigger areas. If you are not facing a real restructuring and therefore can not change the position of the light points, at least refurbished lamps and chandeliers. Choose lamps from modern forms now exist for all budgets and you will find original solutions in the shops for DIY. If you have the chance for some areas of the house you choose LED lighting : in addition to give a touch of modernity will also help you save on your electricity bill.

The decorations

Instead of buying a painting decorated the walls with stickers. The wall stickers are a fun idea and economical way to spice up the look of any room in the house. Can be changed often, and then follow your mood. There are for everyone: ethnic, nature-inspired, colorful, black and white, funny and irreverent or linear and minimalist, the choice is yours! The more ideas? The tattoo on the tiles ! It is designed decorative stickers affixed to the tiles. Once glued the tiles will look in your bathroom or your kitchen like new. I’m a really cheap way to give new life to the coatings of the house without having to force change.