When you buy an apartment that already exists, in most instances, he or she shall restructuring (of floors, walls, sanitary and ceilings) and, specifically, you could choose to comprehend it, bend it into wood, light it or paint it: in the following simple and quick guide that will enunciate in the following steps, I will explain briefly what is the routine you need to do so that we can restructure the ceiling of your house!

When you want to paint the ceiling, you have to always use breathable paints and brushes or rollers of excellent quality, and prepare the walls: If you have the hairline cracks, stretch a bit of plaster with a spatula and let it dry; if you see cracks in most large, unplug the previous parts of paint that peel off with a chisel and sand the surface; if you notice mold, delete it with the sandpaper and specialization the liquid mold, airing the room renovation!


Next, make sure, with a little trick, if the wall has been treated previously painted with a color temperature type (if any wetting a finger and smashing it on the wall, trace the remains of it) or washable: in the first case, it is necessary to give two coats of primer, otherwise you only need one coat of the latter!

If you opt for the jacket, you’ll have to choose between two different materials to be used (such as cork and / or wood fiber and / or polystyrene); both will be applied to a smooth ceiling and healthy, it may be useful to sand and fill any cracks and holes: started to clothe, from the center of the room, to keep the symmetry and avoid imperfect edges; as you head towards the edges, cut the panels of your choice (which will need to evenly apply a strong adhesive) when you reach them; reference lines drawn through a pencil or chalk!.

If you have decided to build a lighted ceiling that creates plays of light: always proceed to sand the wall and close cracks and holes; get your nails and long screws, with which you attack the translucent fiberglass panels in the color you want and with the representation that you prefer; performed the same operation carried out for the coating and, therefore, matches from the center, following the symmetry, and proceed to cut with a sharp knife or a saw!