Renovating your bathroom. Its decoration, style, do you agree more. The time is right. But you fear the cost overruns. After all, your friends, your relatives, you have told horror stories. So how to renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank?

Find your style

Before spending thousands of dollars to redo your bathroom, here is a first golden rule: consider investing a few dollars in magazines and decorating magazines. They not only allow you to find the style you crave, but they will also be of great help to assess the costs inherent in the work. Like this shower, bath, vanity (vanity)? Many publications will give you the name of the item coveted, and often the address where the finding. Journals, magazines and decorating shows you will not only find a style, but will limit the risk of cost overruns. After making your selection, you will have a clearer picture of materials and items needed for your project.


Make a plan

If a second golden rule to observe, it is that to make a detailed plan of the area to be renovated. This step will provide, on a simple scale plan, the bathroom, sanitary ware, vanity, shower, bathroom counter or pharmacy. Then you can avoid costly mistakes. It is easy to be tempted by a beautiful six-foot bath, which sits in the store and then realize that your space is too short. Your plan will serve not only to arrange the various elements, but also to identify constraints to the existing bathroom. You have been careful to identify where the window is located, its height, its distance from perpendicular walls. You’ll also identified various locations where are the water inlets and drains (including the toilet), so buy the pipe and fittings, or to move them as needed.

The purchase of components

You chose your style, then made a plan. It’s time to spend at home improvement center to find material for your project. You choose the bath, shower prefabricated (or materials to make a custom shower), the vanity, the bathroom (toilet, bidet). Ask questions. Many home centers hire experts who can advise you appropriately on materials and piping necessary. And do not forget to choose the faucet. Taking all decisions before, or almost, you will be able to better meet the budget for the renovation of your bathroom. You’ll have fewer surprises and you will avoid some mistakes that cost you several dollars during or after work. If your calendar and your spouse are overloaded, things that require you to spend more time cleaning a glass shower door, for example, are they really necessary?

Before You Renovate

Here, all the equipment was delivered. It’s time to think about hiring a container for scrap. This solution will save you a lot of trouble. For a few dollars more, you will have a container that will allow you to quickly remove all trash, instead of storing and manipulating two or three times.

A tip: purchase of fibreboard of wood (Tentest) who will be only a few dollars. Cut them in strips of two feet eight and place them on your floor. This will prevent damage to the hardwood, flooring, ceramic entry. Because we escape always something often in the wrong place!