The renovation of the house is an expense very important for any citizen, that raises some concern. To revive the construction field and encourage citizen who intends to renovate the house, the Italian state provides for Income Tax deductions ( income tax of physical persons). From 26 June 2012, the percentage of deduction provided for the renovation of buildings has increased from 36% to 50% and beyond, the maximum deductible rose from € 48000 to € 96000 worth, is double. These will be the rates and amounts in force until June 30 this year so who wants to use them must hurry to complete the work. Here are how they work.

For anyone who is not very practical deductions here in simple words what happens to our portfolio when it restructures home: They get paid all the work of restructuring, which may be the most different as renovation of the facade of our building or renovation bathrooms, pipelines, works restoration and rehabilitation conservative. At the time of the tax return via the 730 will contain all expenses incurred subdivided into periods of time to determine the percentage of deduction amount payable on each individual. At this point by calculating the two different rates on different amounts, taking into consideration the ceiling , we will get our savings to be spread over 10 years. The 10 rate will be reimbursed in the price charged in July, will be headlined the amount under the name “income tax refund”.


We must pay attention to procedures to obtain relief in the case of building renovation. For example, in some cases, particularly when it is required by the rules of safety on construction sites, you must you must send by registered mail a DIA (Declaration of login) ASL jurisdiction. All costs incurred for the restructuring must be paid by bank transfer or postal code indicating how the causal tax payer, the payee and the reason for the transfer of money.

For those who wish to sell the house after it is restored before the end of the period to take advantage of the entire deduction due , he is not to lose the right but could have 2 different routes of choice: continue to receive benefits and therefore deduct the missing rate or transfer, by deed, facilitation purchaser. However, it is recommended the presence of your accountant trusted to carry out the practice in accordance with the terms of the law, thus avoiding to see lighten your wallet for a bureaucratic error that could have been avoided.