This week, I help Sylvain and Lucie find a solution to their non-standard size bath: “Hello, this is a year that we seek the solution to renovate our bathroom. The current bathroom is damaged and made it impossible to clean. The problem is that it is non-standard or size: 51×32. We have decided to replace it with a shower. No shower 51×32 on the market. Make a ceramic shower: no shower base 51×32 of the market. Enlarge the space: impossible, whether in length or width. Do you have an affordable solution to our problem? We are at the end of our ideas. ”

It is sold in hardware stores a complete kit to do the job either a bath or sink and even a toilet. The one I found is called “KLENK’S EPOXY ENAMEL”. What it takes to make a beautiful work:

# Epox Kit
# Epoxy thinner
# a bucket 2 gallons
# cleaning kit
# rags
# rubber gloves
# masking tape
# a sponge roller and / or a brush” designed for epoxy paints
# TSP cleaner degreaser.


Two coats are necessary to make a beautiful work, but it is possible that it takes one or even two more. If there are chips, you must first repair before. Rusted parts must be sanded and treated with a rust converter. (KLENK’S in a factory). For best results, remove grout or silicone before starting. Rub with diluent and then rub with ammonia.


It is important to wear rubber gloves for cleaning. Pour a thin layer of the preparation “KLENK’S” # 1 on the abrasive sponge. Scrub the surface with the cleaner and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Clean well with TSP and rinse with lukewarm water. Allow to dry. Pour thinner “KLENK’S EPOXY” on a scrap of linen or cotton, wipe entire surface with the cloth and leave to dry.


First hide all that should not be painted handles, faucets, overflow, etc.. Mix the contents of the two products A and B separately before pouring the contents in the content A. B Once well mixed, you close the lid and let stand for 1 hour. Is then applied to the first layer using a brush 1” by 6 inch squares. NEVER TO RETURN WITH BRUSH. After the second layer, the surface will be smooth. Wait at least 2 or 3 hours before the second layer. If it is too sticky, wait overnight for the second layer. Make sure you close the lid. If the paint has become too thick the next day, do not use it and buy another box.

The epoxy is very fluid. Apply in thin layers to prevent material from spilling or dripping. When paint is dry, drops or slides can be sanded with 400 grit paper or more. Clean the surface before painting again. It is recommended to change the brush or roller in each layer. It will take at least five days before using the bathroom again. Do not put a bath mat for at least a month. Do not use products such as salts or bath oils as these can discolor the painted surface. Here! That seems to be complicated, but it is not really.

Just carefully follow the steps that are clearly indicated within the product box. It was also around this instruction guide that is derived information above. The result will depend on how the instructions have been followed. Do not try to have ended before it began. What I mean is that often people do not wait long enough before giving the second layer or they put too much paint and it drips. So the result is not very nice. Take the time necessary to do each step one has to do.