I answer, this week, Renee, and Jacinta, who would both get recommendations for repainting their wooden wardrobes:

Hello Renee and Jacinta,

It is often reluctant to dye or paint kitchen cabinets in wood, but when they are tired or worn, it becomes a good idea to dare: you will be pleasantly surprised at the result. Must still follow some important steps to achieve a satisfactory result:

# I suggest you remove the doors tackles boxes, remove the handles and hinges before performing these steps.
# It must then clean with a degreaser (like TSP) and then sand the surface with a sander and sand paper means.
# We clean the surfaces again to remove dust and it is now ready for the stage of painting.
# We first apply an oil primer (such Polyprepp dries in about three hours). Or, there is now a latex primer that cures in 1 hour, (“GO PRIME” manufactured by Sico), which represents a saving of time.
# Finally we can now apply two or three coats of floor paint or melamine paint color you want.


It is very important to let each coat dry completely otherwise the paint will stretch and will not give a good result. We can do small corner with a brush and flat surfaces with a roller. Avoid putting too much paint for not casting. It is preferable to apply an extra layer rather than having cast everywhere.Melamine paint is more resistant (it is an oil painting) then you must take precautions to avoid soiling around, and it obviously requires a longer drying time. It can take 16 hours before applying another coat.

Once you’re done painting, why not take advantage and change the hinges and handles? This will rejuvenate your cabinets even more and all that will cost you only a little time and a minor investment.If you change your grips must be obtained before starting work, because if they are not the same size as the old, you may plug the holes before you start painting. You will be doubly pleased to have made this change yourselves and your cabinets will have a new life.