In this guide you will learn how to repair the wooden bed frame. The reasons for which a frame is dismembered may be different. First of all the wear and time play a role in the foreground in this sense. In addition, we often tend to lean back against the frame. This fact, of course, can help in a decisive manner the detachment of one or more wooden board.

When the wooden planks of the frame of your bed will dismember you must first try to understand what is the problem that occurred. Typically, with time it happens that you scollop attacks, but imagine the most serious case, namely the case in which the wooden dowels break. The plugs are connected elements, generally cylindrical in shape and by the grooved profile. Free the work area for work more comfortably and by means of a clamp firmly grip the dowels. Start the extraction operation accompanying a small tensile cyclic rotation, which facilitates the movement. Since these elements work by friction, the extraction operation may be difficult. In fact the diameter of the dowels is almost coincident with that of the hole.

bed frame

Once removed the pieces of wood from the affected area, make sure that there are no scraps of wood or dirt in general in the holes. If not, remove it with a metal punch, without damaging the walls of the hole. Head to a hardware store or a home improvement store to buy the new plugs. Take care that they are perfectly identical to the former, both in diameter and in length. Place the new plugs in the holes, if necessary with the aid of a hammer mechanism.

Typically intersection the axes of wood also contain a piece of metal that make the engagement more solid. This metal pad is obviously reinserted into the hole. Now take a screwdriver and turn the screw located on the axis of wood. This screw is directly connected to the metal pad and allows it, by rotation, to securely attach the plank to the rest of the frame. If you wish to have a more solid coupling can apply a layer of glue on the axis disjointed before you fasten with dowels. However, it should not use glue to attach the pieces in that, in the event of a future rapture, it will be very difficult to remove. Downstream of the bonding, as usual, take into pressure parts for at least one day, so that the glue is dry enough with the axes in the correct position.