All we love with an antique mirror: the charm Versailles! But it seems a little off. Give luster again!

Looking glass spotless

Do your mirror spots seem small constellations? We say that the glass is crushed, because over time the mercury breaks. But do not worry because you can again have a mirror smooth, even by special paints. This system is also useful for eliminating cracks that can cause shock busy moving house. Work inside. Put the mirror down on a cloth or a soft surface to protect it. Help yourself to a small wheel or very fine grit. Rub the damaged parts to remove excess mercury. Removes dust from the surface with a soft cloth. Apply on the treated and with the help of a brush silver powders or crystals special silver paint. Get a mirror lovely but obviously you can not admire in the paint .

Important : Use this method of little mirrors. If you are older models and valuable, it is preferable to take them to a skilled artisan.


Let the gold shine again

The golden age may stain or over time. begins dusting the frame with a soft cloth before passing a sponge soaked in a little water with soap or ammonia. Do not forget the dirt that accumulates on the moldings. Clean them with a toothbrush with soft bristles and used or with a swab. Now you can identify the “true spots.” To remove them, there is only one method: the grandmother. Chafa an onion and spread on the brush to give her little touches on areas of the frame you want to clean. Finally, wipe them with a soft cloth. To finish, make the gold shine again: bat two egg whites until stiff with half teaspoon of bleach. Apply the mixture with a brush and dry with a soft clean cloth.

Important: This method is perfect for painted frames, but if it is a gold with gold foil, it works better than a professional.

Restore a framework

Over time the frame may suffer some damage: In this case, fill holes and cracks with wood putty or paste. Remove the excess with a knife, is great for the creases between moldings. If necessary, use fine sandpaper wrapped around a pen to treat corners. dust off and apply a varnish or paint the same color, or golden wax, paying close attention not to leave stains on the trim excess. Comb the frame with a brush to give the finishing touches.

Important: If you want to preserve the look aged or tarnished typical of old paintings, patina paint dry with a cloth. For pictures golden egg whites using diluted vinegar and apply them with a brush. Let the frame dry and clean with a cotton ball.