The garden furniture is subject to rain, sun, heat, humidity and strong temperature changes and it is for this reason that they can do in a hurry to ruin. In addition to pay attention to the weather (maybe bringing in the garage during periods of disuse or during periods when the weather is exacerbating), we can also bring back to life those who have endured enough already vintages. In this guide we show you how to restore the garden furniture and make it like new.

First, you need to remove paint completely mobile. In this case we consider a wooden cabinet. You can remove paint the furniture with the Paint Stripper heat, but in this case we must be careful not to use it much in the same place, because in this case is capable of causing burns that would ruin the furniture, as an alternative to thermal Paint Stripper you can use the chemical stripper. Pay more attention to the most damaged and act more gently to avoid aggravating the condition of the cabinet. It is advisable to operate in an open and ventilated but avoid the scorching sun.


Stretch forth abundantly the product you’ve chosen and leave it on for as long as necessary. Remove the softened paint with a spatula or possibly an abrasive pad, always wear gloves. Possibly see if they remain traces of paint or varnish repeat the process until when there is no trace.

When the wood has been brought fully into the open, rinse with warm water. When the cabinet is dry you can proceed to put into it, for example by painting or impregnating, you can have fun with acrylic colors for example. The paint is rarely used. When the wood is dry from painting or by impregnating, you can apply a protective oil.

If the damage is too much and now the texture of the wood is damaged, you can try one last technique; first begins to pass the straw oil, a few days after the cabinet has absorbed the substance and should be more polished and more compact. In extremist test with a mix of water and glue, by brush evenly over the entire surface of the cabinet. Once fully dried out will be more substantial. Obviously, then think again because the PVA glue is not the most low-cut wood.