Among the various tasks that must be carried out periodically in a house, one of the most feared, and probably the most delayed, is the maintenance of the doors of the house. The latter, after years of intensive use, end up being full of marks, scratches and dents; In addition, they may also submit parts where the paint is skipped. This guide will be shown how to restore house doors, providing useful tips to run a fast work and excellent results.

To restore the doors Interior wood first equip themselves with a mask and a pair of gloves, remove the door from its hinges, unscrew and remove the handles and lock, then place the door on two sawhorses in order to work in peace and safety. Proceed using the sandpaper coarse, trying to erase the scratches and dents, then with a cloth wet with of turpentine give a pass over the entire surface. Use a spatula to spread the grout (there is the specific filler for wood, but can be used a normal plaster wall), filling in any holes left behind. Wipe again with another sandpaper, fine-grained, to remove traces of stucco superfluous.


At this point you can proceed directly to the paint, or if you want to get a result unsurpassed, giving first a primer suitable for wood (white), available in Colorize. With regard to the next painting, choose it mainly based on the tastes considering, however, that if the port is actually very damaged, it is recommended to use matt paints and dark colors; in this way will be easier to cover imperfections remain. If the result is not optimal, apply a second and, at most, a third coat of paint.

Who does not have great familiarity with the brushes can fall back to the choice of paint on a glass of water that, in addition to smell less, it will not appear the sign of brush strokes. Wipe with a brush of medium size, then wipe on the corners with a smaller one. For the doors of precious wood only slightly damaged (discolored or only) option is to consider the not to paint them. In this case, simply apply online. If the door is to be restored with glass panels, before proceeding with the work of restoration sticking paper tape to protect the glass from the paint.