In old buildings often warping of beams and boards that we identify as the wooden ceiling of a room, is nothing but the visible part of the floor located between a floor and the other. Usually these structures are characterized by a long life cycle if they are subjected to a continuous maintenance. But if you are attacked by fire, insects or mold their life is shortened and there is no need to intervene with a proper restoration. If you want to know how you can restore a wood ceiling, continue reading the next steps.

The first thing to do is make sure the actual conditions of the wooden ceiling . If the beams that compose it are impaired due to infiltration of water, or are attacked by insects, often the best method to intervene is their replacement. In these cases, you can disassemble the damaged items after properly shored up the deck. In this way restore your ceiling with a traditional method, which provides for the possibility of dismantling wooden structures deteriorated, replace with new pieces alongside those still in good condition.


A different case is when the ceiling has elements of particular value as beams or decorated chests and coffers. In this case you will have to make a first and a careful analysis of the structure, considering the poor conditions. For example, a beam could be free from cracks and diagonal cross, or have a problem in the sport.

In the first case it is recommended to proceed with the reinforcement of the beam, by means of bandages metal, put in tension after the application. For the second problem, however, the best solution is to place the shelves in the wall under the beam, and connect the two together with bandages. If the head of the beam is damaged, you must replace it with an insert molded, laminated wood, called “laminar prosthesis.” The piece will be shaped in the form jagged and combined with antique beams with specific glues, dressings or bolting.