In one of my previous columns, I told you about the makeover. The makeover is the art of transforming a room affordably by providing colors and decorative items and small occasional furniture. I mentioned that a successful makeover first passed through the recovery. This is the subject of my column this month;

Retrieve and decorate!

Face it, we, fans of the decoration, we love impulsively buy the beautiful objects found now “everywhere” in specialty stores. And it always asks for more! It is justified by saying that it is our moral balance. “If I am in my home, my beautiful bebelles, I’ll be more” zen “! No but it’s true! ”

Dear fans of the decoration, it is time to challenge ourselves, change our habits for the sake not only of our dear planet, but also for the good of our portfolio! For some better-off financially, my suggestions of recovery become a sacrifice, a challenge restraint, weaning, but for others it will be a salvation, a possibility, or perhaps even the only way to improve their decor. Because everyone should have access to a beautifully decorated, all in harmony!


Our treasures non-operated

Recovery is the most affordable one made with our own furniture and objects. Think of your old wooden table in the darkened varnish. It’s crazy that the paint can offer as a possibility! You can do the same for your kitchen cabinet doors for the bathroom and all kinds of furniture (chairs, tables, shelves, etc). You have cushions on the grounds “tired” or worn? Why not cover them with fabric from clothes you no longer wear? It’s amazing what an old shirt or skirt can tell us with a little creativity!

Shopping smart

After reviewing what is behind our own home, we can now make an inventory of what we lack and, with a list, set out to conquer treasures become the flea market! I went there recently and I’ve found some nice gems for really cheap. It is important to keep an open mind and our imagination. The treasures are not always those we notice first. An old mirror all dirty may very well become a real treasure with a little spray paint. A little worn old chair to become a real focal point in a room, once painted and fabric of the seat replaced. Take time also to visit auctions, garage sales, support counters and stores used items.

My project Deco / Recycling

Lobby for this monotonous, I found a nice wooden table and wrought iron flea auction of Lachute for only $ 35! I added it to a conventional lamp (I found the base at Value Village for $ 9.99 with a new lampshade for $ 11, found at Home Sense). And to top it off, we found a small yellow gold ottoman on wheels $ 15 (Auction Lachute). At the show, there is a large alcove in which the owners have converted a corner office. Very clever, but I thought fit to make my touch. After a good decluttering, I replaced the chair work bench with a pretty velvet and wood found flea for $ 25. It was repainted in black legs to revive it a bit and for a touch of light in this dark place, was added a small lamp also found at Value Village for $ 5.99. The remaining items were dig up at Home Sense. See the result!

The TV area

Take, for example, this TV stand in black laminate which reminds us strangely of late 80’s! We removed the top part and was repainted! After detaching and removing the top part, we did a light sanding in the bottom half and was cleaned with a degreaser (TSP available from hardware stores). One coat of latex primer was then applied and finally 3 coats of finish paint (pearl finish). Like magic, you have a TV stand completely updated! For a decorative touch dainty, some accessories were added: two wooden vases found at Value Village for under $ 10! And what about that golden lamp from the early 20th century art deco unearthed at auction for $ 15 from Lachute? It has been wisely placed behind the sofa.

Other changes for cheap in this show

To minimize the use of paint and therefore save, we painted the trim a creamy white. The play looks more alive despite the fact that the walls were not repainted. At the corner fireplace was added a ceramic that I found in the center of liquidation of Ital-North $ 1.99 tile.