Valerie wondered how to give a facelift to its ceramics. “Hi Alain, I have a white ceramic floor and quite old fashioned in my bathroom. I want to know what options to modernize without changing it completely, without spending too much. Thank you in advance for your advice, Valerie. ”

Hello Valerie,

There are still some opportunities available to you. The first is to paint ceramics simply. Using a sander, you sand the ceramic to remove the glossy finish that remains, clean with a cleaner / degreaser and apply a coat of oil primer as 3 or Poly prep Go Premium Sico. You then apply two coats of floor paint, leaving it dry between coats, and you end up with the application of one or two layers of floor varnish to protect the surface well.


Stone-effect coating

That’s the easiest way and less expensive to change the look of your ceramic. Then there are other solutions, such as the application? ‘Stone Effect” a product that will completely change the look of your floor and not too expensive either. You have to follow some of the same steps as for the preparation for painting, but with this product, use the primer suggested that prepares the floor for the next steps. In fact, there are three steps with stone effect coating.

1. Primer
2. The product of two layers
3. The sealant to protect the surface. The finish is really beautiful and you will not see your ceramic at all. There are several colors available.

Coating of soft vinyl (linoleum)

Another way to correct the situation is to add a coating of soft vinyl, what was once called the linoleum, but is available in several different designs and installs easily. Or the addition of a vinyl siding as a floating floor? ‘Allure” found at Home Depot and just moved over your ceramic floor with no preparation and that sticks between parts floor without being glued to the ground. Hence the designation of a floating vinyl flooring because it is glued together, but without being glued to the floor. So as you see, there are several possibilities and it’s up to you to find one that suits you.