Kitchens can rapidly become dated – this leads to people considering a number of ways to help this room, often considered the heart of the home, look fresh and new. It doesn’t have to be expensive either – modernising your kitchen can be done simply, easily and fairly cheaply by considering these five simple options:

1. Change your theme

Some people give specific themes to their kitchens, which can often cause the kitchen to rapidly become dated. If the theme that you have in your kitchen can be easily changed, for example if you have strong colours or your kitchen contains a large amount of ornaments then changing this can make a huge difference to your kitchen. The great thing is that quite often these changes are so minor – and can sometimes be done for very little money – meaning they can work on any budget or can be fitted around a busy lifestyle.

2. Change your cupboard doors or worktops

Changing cupboard doors or worktops can rapidly update a kitchen with a relatively small cost. It can change the look and feel of the kitchen and can be a useful option if your kitchen is in a good state and does not need to be completely replaced.

3. Get out the paintbrushes

Paint can do wonders for an old, tired kitchen and is also a relatively cost-effective option in comparison to completely changing your kitchen. Opting to paint your kitchen in neutral colours if it used to be bright and colourful will give it a renewed feel of freshness, but if your kitchen is suffering from a bland-feel, try adding a small splash of colour to brighten things up. Remember to take the colour of your cabinets and appliances into account when painting in order to avoid any clashes with your existing kitchen.

4. Move things around

It sounds really simple, but moving things around such as unfixed appliances could completely change how your kitchen looks and feels. This option is free of course, so is often worth a try before experimenting with other changes to your kitchen. It works particularly well if you have left things in the same place for many years, making the kitchen feel as if it has a renewed quality.

5. Look around for a cheap new kitchen

Possibly the most expensive option, but if you really cannot stand your kitchen, you may feel that this is the only option. If you look around and research thoroughly before you purchase a kitchen, you may be able to afford a new kitchen even on a small budget. While changing everything about your kitchen may seem like a drastic change to make, some people may feel like it is simply the only choice. The good thing is that installing a contemporary fitted kitchen should add value to your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you ever were to sell.