To decorate a youth bedroom, it must be the teen to choose, it will be their refuge in the home.

It’s a bit more complicated decorate a youth room , as this refuge of the young person must be to your liking, but we will be the largest where we pull out its decisions without forgetting the personal touch that will make your room a place where you feel safe, sheltered and has room for all your needs. Which a teen worship and be happy in your room, you can avoid going out to look for other places for shelter.

It’s very different decoration as a youth room for a boy or a girl. As for the type of furniture, the colors used, even in the distribution . The decor taste in men and women is very different, and it shows in both the design and configuration of the rooms, the girl is usually more involved in the aesthetics and details as regards to supplements. Although the end to get is the same: an intimate place where they can reflect on their concerns and enjoy your hobbies.


The color in the bedroom

The color can vary as to the tastes of young girls are often decided more by mostly pastel pink, but also the blue or lilac. While boys tend to rely more on strong and bright colors. It is convenient to let them know that teens are more motivated to put them colors like pastels and reassurance for the more quiet and introverted and more bold warm colors to boost your mood. For bedding, cushions, curtains and other accessories, it is advisable to choose a primary color and combine all ranges, plus neutral or land use that marry all good, both among themselves and with the three primary, not to fall in touch too austere.

Distribution of space and choice of furniture

There must be well defined three zones.

1. Rest area
2. Study area
3. Area of ​​relaxation and fun with friends

Often the leisure area becomes fun with friends. Space is important in a teenager’s room, the furniture must be very well used, with drawers, shelves, cabinets, so you have a place for everything, otherwise you always have everything in between. The modern and minimalist style is best suited for them, they have more interior space than furniture rustic or classic. The study area is very important in this age, must be friendly and invite you to be there. One must study the needs of adolescents for mount its study center, the table has to be spacious so you can have the computer, with drawers and shelves to put folders, CDs, etc. Be placed under the window to take advantage of natural light when studying. Often tend to bring friends to your room which you should not fill out the piece of furniture and make room and choose a bed for those times when friends are. Always leaving them to give their personal touch to your room.

Wall Decor

Often at this age want paper a room with pictures of their idols but they have to do everything in order.Be avoided photos or drawings that may have violent content. An important detail to encourage the teen to continue growing is to put their diplomas on the wall, their references, awards and photos. This will feed your self-esteem and desire to progress. All these are basic ideas, but what is certain is that each one is a boy or girl should see different models and choose the one that everyone likes and compose the space where everyone feels perfectly integrated.