A crack is the foundation for all professionals fear is of the building. Indeed, the foundation crack is dangerous because it puts the foundation in peril. Specifically, upon the occurrence of a crack in a foundation, there is a risk that it collapses. That is why the stakes are buried in the building to prevent the phenomenon of crack foundation. As risk management is serious collapse, upon the finding crack foundation, professionals are called in an emergency. However, there is in fact a true prevention work to perform. For example, one must regularly perform acoustic tests to see if the structure of the property abnormal acoustic vibrations. The thermal detection tests are also used to check whether the cracks are important. Finally, be aware that sometimes detections cracks are invisible to the naked eye. This and why inspections with special cameras can quickly detect if the building collapses or sinks into the ground abnormally.


All property owners are required to carry twice a year to review their security. The survey is then carried out by the experts who will check the land registry and finally on the ground, in order to verify if the building is still in good condition. You should know that there are methods for enhancing pillar or structure. However, they are started only when cracks threaten the property. You should know that there several solutions to slow the appearance of cracks. First, there is what is called concrete patching. This involves the injection of concrete under pressure liquid. The liquid concrete is injected into fractures foundation walls will then act as a glue. Indeed, it will bring the two abutting elements. Once you will have completed this task, the openings in the concrete will then be invisible.

The concrete injection operation should be done in several steps, however. Indeed, it is essential to ensure that the cement concrete is perfectly smooth. If it is grainy, it will be less likely to fill cracks. Therefore, it must pass it to the concrete mixer. The concrete mixer is the only way to sift concrete. So it takes a little time for the cement lumps disappear. Pump system is strongly recommended to accelerate the perfect setting of the cement. The injection is then made with a valve system and a hydraulic pressure. Thus the orifices will be gradually clogged.

Maintenance of your property must be done gradually. Indeed, it is necessary to control the time to time. An important humidity monitoring. Indeed, if the wall is porous, there is a risk of fracture or loosening. Therefore, please observe the walls with an infrared camera, for example. Indeed, the camera allows to quickly see all the flaws. If the observation of the wall, infrared camera reveals a significant loosening, then in that case, it must immediately strengthen the foundations. Whether piles or wood frame, you will need to review everything this time. Therefore, do not delay involve specialized masonry consistent workers. In fact, they will take your foundation and remove these cracks. When you have completed the work of strengthening the foundations, do not forget to check throughout the year tapping lightly foundations. If there is no echo, this will then say that everything is in order.