In a house there are many dangers for color who live there, in fact, these can generally occur due to furniture protruding or not anchored in an effective way, objects that may fall suddenly on their own or because of a collision but also the dangers most are from the flames of a boiler or stove. Even electricity is statistics in hand, one of the most frequent accidents in the home. If a house we have a child who likes to move freely, it is important to safeguard its security and create a tailor-made for him.

For the safety of our children is therefore important to check everything that can be dangerous. This is why the first thing to do is the safety of all that can cause serious damage to the child. Example of a library full of books vertical and very high, it should be independent of the weight of the books themselves, anchored to the wall with the fisher long and thick, so that our children can have it fall on climbing.


Regarding safety in the kitchen an environment where the child spends most of his day, it is important to ensure that there is no easy access for him to gas knobs. Here in the specific case that there are types of switches which can be operated only by adults to prevent the child can switch them on. Needless to say, it is essential to eliminate anything that is flammable so if for the home are scattered lighters or other objects capable of generating flame, you have to keep them out of the reach of children. If we have a his bedroom is important not to leave dangerous objects in the environment for which the furniture is preferable to place them anchoring them to the floor or wall, and avoid as much as possible the presence of sharp edges which may pose a danger when the baby moves all interiors of the room.

A window must be carefully protected as regards the opening so it is advisable to position the handle high enough and not easy to maneuver. However, it is also important not to leave in his bedroom stools or chairs particularly high , so it will not fall dangerously or look out the window. Among the things essential for a house suitable for children and to ensure its security, is the total control of the electrical system. The biggest danger may come from outlets should be installed with specially designed holes inside, designed to leak out when the plug is removed from them. So with all these little tricks you can play to leave the child with confidence, and enjoy ourselves a certain peace of mind knowing that you have everything under control.