Summer is often the most sensitive to the security of your home. Here are ways to deal with confidence against burglary.

The passive protection and dissuasive

Paradoxical as it may seem, nearly 60% of intrusions occur through the door, followed of course by the patio doors and windows. The basic principle of Homes security passive protection is to delay intruders. Choose this to a heavy door, such as solid wood and check your lock: the National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP) has classified locks into three categories according to their degree of resistance to overtures. This classification varies from one to three stars.

Alarms and motion detectors

Today, alarms placed on the market are very reliable and false alarms are less frequent (only 9% of French people have opted for this solution (1)). There are systems operating without son, powered by batteries. These systems are now fully modular: the principle is always to protect the passages used by thieves, but more discreet. You can choose to have selective use. Example, you can not protect the floor or tell the system that outcome was intentionally left open to facilitate your own travel at night for example.


Live Monitoring

For more frequent monitoring, there are two more advanced systems: the TV and video . The TV is an alarm system 24 hours on 24 and 7 days 7 to a monitoring center by phone or in your home automation that will link with the central station or police. The triggering of the alarm monitoring station is notified.Depending on the measures taken in the subscription agreement, the technician will contact either the owner or a security company or the police. For continuous monitoring, video transmission is perfect cameras broadcast real-time images that the individual can view on their computer. This solution is certainly the most reliable but also more expensive over time. Today many agencies occupy the lucrative market for security. The easiest way is probably to choose a la monitoring card. Some agencies offer these services to the card, a few weeks a year you can choose to arrange according to your absences and travel.