Often times, home invasions happen when least expected. Lack of a proper security system can make your home susceptible to invasions. Invasions can lead to loss of valuable property or attack on your family by robbers. However, with a reinstated security system you can protect your family and home from such dangerous situations.


Below are some security tips that may help you protect your home against invasions

  • Secure your home exterior

These are simple steps you can take to secure your home exterior.

  • Ensure your house exterior is well lit at night. You can install motion detecting flood lights in the low lightened areas around your compound.
  • Set alarms and stickers signs on the house exterior. You can even use fake alarm signs.
  • Don’t keep heavy things on the exterior as they can be used to break down the windows by throwing.
  • Install security cameras with motion sensors, solid recording device, IR. Ensure that your camera recording system is in a secured place inside the house which cannot be accessed by outsiders or invaders.
  • Set up security cameras at a redundant angle which can capture criminal footage properly. Also, setup the cameras in such place which would be unknown or inaccessible to invaders
  • Internet cameras are the best option when you are away from home. They help you to keep track of your house even when you are away.
  • Keep a zone alarm to alert you when anybody comes to your house or to the driveway at an unusual time.
  • Keep the house number highly visible so that the police can reach you easily when you call them for help
  • Lock all the exterior gates using high security padlocks.
  • Secure the fence top so that intruders are unable to scale it.
  • If you are away from home and see evidence for invasion don’t get in instead call the police.
  • Don’t keep any big boxes like TV box, freeze box or any other big boxes in your compound as invaders can hide in them.

Window Security

After ensuring the exterior security, you need to ensure windows security as they could be used by invaders as entry points into your house.

  • Always keep the windows locked especially when you are not at home.
  • You can use the security screens on the windows to enhance security.
  • Install Secondary locking devices on the windows to make any attempts for entry difficult.
  • Set glass-breaking alarm systems and vibration sensors on the window.
  • Keep solar screen on your windows. It will help you to save your cooler bill and enhance privacy.
  • If your windows are made of glass, ensure that these are doubling paned and have lamination. You can also use anti-break window film.
  • On the basement windows, put anti-break window film and keep extra security on the AC installed window units.
  • On the sliding glass window, put dowel rod to prevent the window doors being open by bypassing the lock.
  • Clear bushes that are near the window. Besides, trimming bushes will eliminate the possibility of them being possible hideouts for invaders.
  • Secure the skylights and roof access

In addition, ensure door safety and safety of the entire of your house. All of your family members should know about the security sensors and how they are operated so that anyone can operate them in case of an emergency. Keep the security police number nearby. It is recommended to keep alternative emergency number as well.


Author Bio

Thomas Hargreaves is the security expert and has written several security blogs. In this article he gives some security tips to keep your home away from invaders. In his research he found using Security doors and screen effective in enhancing safety for homes.