The outdoor dining, nice and long-dinner snacks inspired a style that is governed by the freshness, color and nature.

The tables are dressed in a special way to the warmest season of the year. Lighted by the flickering candlelight, or by warm sunshine, the table has been from time immemorial a meeting place and a superb excuse for dating, social and romantic. Therefore, because of its importance, the board changes its appearance and dress according to each occasion or to the different seasons. In summer, the table shines and becomes the perfect canvas on which you can play to combine the bright colors of the dishes, the fresh prints of the most original tablecloths and decorative ideas inspired by nature.

Put a tablecloth with decorative elements

1. After placing the cloth, should iron directly on the table, since it is possible to retain some mark of the folds.
2. Paste on the cloth two sided adhesive tapes. In the upper face sheets are placed, which can be of ivy, or other according to preference.
3. When the tablecloth is covered with leaves, is placed above the center of flowers, in a tone to match. The candles also can be decorated with flowers.
4. Then you have to place the saucers and silverware. It is better that any element of the dishes highlighted on the tablecloth.
5. Finally, put the other elements of the crockery and glassware, napkins and bowls for bread.


Taking positions

It begins by placing the dishes: first, the bajoplato or flat plate, and over the deep. The cups (from right to left): sherry , white wine, red wine, sparkling water and, finally, the liquor, which is situated behind the digging. The dessert cutlery are placed between the cups and dish, the fish fork and meat, left, and the steak knife, spade fish and spoon are placed to the right, and always in the order that are to be used, the first thing is to be used should be the one located farthest from the plate, and the last, the closest.

At serving time

On the right side serve wine and other beverages, and removed the dishes. As for wine, whether white cup is filled two-thirds, if it is red, only one third full. On the left is served the salad if you trim, and present sources and trays before serving food, also on that side.

Decorate the table

If the table is square or rectangular, the motif may be a centrally located one, or more along the table. If oval or round, the center will form round pick, and be smart about, for example, a fountain, a bowl or a fruit basket. Pay attention to the height of the flower centers so that they never impede the vision between people. It is also essential that the choice of center will not be an overload on the table. Set the table in the home with love and care can serve as a prelude to an appointment or find more comfortable and enjoyable.