A sewer odor similar to a gas leak in the drains of the bath is not only unsightly, but can also be a risk for the hygiene and therefore for the health of the entire family and especially for children and elderly the most vulnerable because of low coefficient immune. The exposure to sewer gas can in fact lead to health problems, such as nausea and headaches. In this guide, we cover so as to eliminate the smell of sewage from the bathroom.

The sewer smell is particularly strong in the bathrooms rarely used such as those reserved for guests. In fact, the water that is in the junction boxes of discharges, tends to evaporate causing the bad smell of sewage all over the house. Get rid of the bad smell you can not do so with an accurate cleaning of drains and especially the well in which converge.


The intervention consists in opening the cover of the cockpit by unscrewing the central screw on the lid of steel and putting in at least 1/4 of baking soda, stirring to melt it with a screwdriver and make the water whitish. The recommendation is to not open the taps for about 20 minutes to allow the baking soda to act. After this time, pouring a cup of distilled water inside with white vinegar and left still posing, waiting for another 30 minutes to ensure contact with the bicarbonate to generate a consistent foam down the drain. In the meantime, we boil 3 cups of water and slowly pour into the drain, focusing primarily on the layers were muddy. At this point, we can screw the lid cockpit and proceed to search for other key points that give off the smell of sewage and have roughly the same problem.

After then proceeded to make a careful cleaning of the sink, bathtub, bathroom, the bidet and the toilet bowl, we can finally open the valves and remove the liquid from which we paid through the exhaust also take away the bad smell sewer. The advice is to not wait until the smell takes over again, so it is advisable to do maintenance with these criteria at least every couple of months pouring water and vinegar. In this way, the smell of sewage will be just a bad memory, and the danger of infections and allergies will be completely averted.

If in spite of having been cleaned in discharges continue to emanate a bad odor, it is advisable to check the trap of the sink that often occurs just full of water because of the mud and dirt, failing which the so-called “overflow” is the main cause of the problem.