Living in the city often means living in a small studio or otherwise in an apartment by the reduced square footage. Not always, however, it becomes so simple consign with style and efficiency of space reduced. Fortunately, with a few simple consign and tricks you can decorate small spaces in a practical and optimal. Let’s talk about Simple consign and tricks.

The first tip is to illuminate the entrance of removing excess furniture. Yes and in beds with drawers underneath, glass furniture, sliding doors. The furniture should be possible in the low, wide and bright colors, especially in cases of low ceilings, and should not completely clog the walls with element loads too: remember that those wooden steals more space.

simple consign

Play the furniture is a useful resource for decorating small areas: the best are the multipurpose furniture, which act as a decorative element, but who perform many other functions, such as the trunk that serves as a table and to store magazines or objects, or furniture Folding as tables or sofa bed, only to be opened for use. The mirrors are the perfect ornament since enliven the environment and multiply the light and the depth in space.

With the help of shutters, columns separator or get a soft division of space, without doors, so it appears that the house has more spaces to sit, especially if we use colors to distinguish them on the walls. The divisions can also be created by sheer curtains, lamps, glass or furniture vanguard put at the center of the space. In the kitchen, you can opt for a kitchenette or of miniscule .

Wall cabinets are a great alternative to the traditional and give the impression of more space. If the room is square, you can allocate the center of the table in this area using a coating different from the rest; if it is rectangular, divide the spaces creating some strong points. Paint the roof with a lighter color than the walls give a feeling of greater amplitude.

Audio and video compact as plasma displays are perfect for saving space: every inch is valuable where space is scarce. Even the furniture suspended or modules hanging from the ceiling are an option for creative appropriator and space and add an air current environment. Ben is then to all solutions that can cram objects or be functional in any other way, without taking up too much space. Then opt for basic furniture and modern lines, maybe trusting the help of a professional.

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